Euro 2016 Songs: Wales’ Unofficial Anthem Super Furry Animals’ “BingBong”

11 Jun

Bing-Bong-artworkNot to be outdone by recent tour mates Manic Street Preachers, Welsh psych rockers Super Furry Animals released their own “cosmic” Euro 2016 song ‘BingBong.’ It’s as delightfully bonkers as you’d expect from this band of merry pranksters.

The song is sung completely in Welsh and features a hypnotic brightly colored video in collaboration with artist Pete Fowler. I love the chugga chugga disco beat and psych elements. This may be my favorite Euro song thus far just for it’s sheer creativity and batshit joyousness.

Frontman Gruff Rhys talks about the song here and the English lyrics are included. Don’t expect them to make much sense. This is SFA and if their back catalog is any indication, they are avid hallucinogen enthusiasts, to say the least.

If you’ve never seen them play live, they are so much fun! I’ve had the pleasure of dancing my ass off at several of their shows over the years and it’s always a great time.

– Lozil

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