Copa America: Third Place Match – USA v Colombia

27 Jun


The third place match ended up being a replay of the first match of the tournament.

25 June 2016: USA 0 – 1 Colombia

Man of the Match: David Ospina (Colombia)

It was nice to see Tim Howard in goal for this match. The question was whether he had it in him to deal with the Colombia attack. His first need to prove that came in the 11th minute with a shot from James. Lucky for USA, Timmy’s still got it. Colombia was pushing a lot of players forward but USA were hanging on. They even got a couple of chances of their own. But in the 31st minute, James scooped the ball to Arias who headed to Bacca across the box. All Bacca had to do was slide in to touch it into the net. The first half ended after 1 minute of added time. Dempsey took a free kick in the 51st minute that Ospina had to make a great save on. In the 61st minute, Bobby Wood had a shot hit the post for a USA side that looked way more lively than they had in a couple of games. USA were reduced to 10 men in the 90th minute after Orozco received his second yellow card in 3 minutes. After 5 minutes of added time, that was it. Colombia took 3rd place in the Copa America.


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