Portugal Wins Euro 2016, Survives Mothpocalypse

11 Jul

1468197288512Mygypsyspirit and Forzasusan will post their take on the final soon, but I just wanted to congratulate Cris, Pepe and the Portugal squad on their historic victory. And for surviving the Mothpocalypse because ew.

Any moths that have the balls to step to Cris, Mark Clattenburg, Pieluigi Collina and Didier Deschamps are nothing to mess with. They were so gross. All in the players’ faces, flying past the cameras. That shit got positively biblical. Figured we were going to work our way through the 10 plagues before the final whistle.

I don’t know about you, but when Cristiano went down and was so angst-filled that he didn’t even give a shit that a moth was perched on one perfectly plucked eyebrow while the cameras were on him, I knew it was beyond serious. And all jokes aside, I wailed in horror when he hit the deck. I think we all know how much this meant to him. And I wanted it so bad for him that I could taste it. Seeing him cry when he went off was  painful.

But the victory was so sweet. His joy was contagious.

And Pepe got Man of the Match!

He’s kinda got a “my precioussss!” vibe going on here, doesn’t he?

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Te amo❤️❤️🔝

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And congrats to Toni Kroos who, along with Cris & Pepe, made the UEFA Euro 2016 Team of the tournament.

It’s being reported that Cris has a sprained medial collateral ligament and this could put him out for at least a month, possibly longer. Since pre-season starts next week,  I’m guessing that he won’t be around for the US tour or the UEFA Super Cup on August 9th.  I think he needs to rest, rest, REST and make sure he’s 100% before he comes back. I will be sad not to see him play this summer, but his health is the most important thing.

– Lozil

2 Responses to “Portugal Wins Euro 2016, Survives Mothpocalypse”

  1. Rainn July 12, 2016 at 12:15 am #

    I badly wanted this for Cristiano also.
    He deserves this despite many people
    feeling otherwise.
    I am so happy for him and Portugal!!

  2. Mandy July 12, 2016 at 3:59 pm #

    My heart was beating out of my chest in the first 30 some minutes after the collision. I could hardly stand the ache. I forget that he is not invincible and is just as vulnerable as anyone else.

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