Thursday Double Session, Hey La La My Boyfriend’s Back & Benzmania

21 Jul

I need to see some goofy Marcelo & Casemiro smiles at the moment because I’m having hives and heart palpitations watching the RNC. Fucking terrifying. So yeah, this is going to be brief so I can go back to hyperventilating and worrying about the future.

The team had another double session today in Montreal.

Coach Luis Llopis put the goalkeepers through their paces.

Lucas, Morata and Sergio Diaz joined the team and no one appeared happier about it than King Muppet Baby’s boo, Isco.

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Ah, they are so cute together!

Also overjoyed? Everyone in Montreal with the presence of Benz. Guess they must dig those pensive Instagram photos of him sitting alone on the steps of Lear jets and what not.


_HE_8775_hThumb,0Montreal Impact coach Mauro Biello stopped by to visit the team.

And Marcelo did a presser.


Marcelo: “The only thing on our minds is working hard and winning more titles”
by Alberto Navarro (Montreal)

“Ever since I arrived here I wanted to give my life for this badge and I hope to be here for many years giving my all”, said the Brazilian.

Marcelo appeared in front of the media on the fourth day of training in Montreal. The vice-captain of the European champions discussed an eagerly awaited season: “We won the last European Cup, but we have to forget that. We’re making our preparations in Canada with our minds focused on working hard. It’s no good to keep thinking about the fact we’re champions. The only thing in our minds is working to win more titles”.

“The team looks good. The best squad is the one that wins. I’ve gone through seasons without winning anything and now this team has a lot of quality players. Real Madrid do all they can every year to provide our fans with titles”

“Ever since I arrived at Real Madrid I wanted to give my life for this badge. I hope to be here for many years giving my all, leaving everything out on the pitch”.

Excitement at remembering his two European Cups
“When I watch the Décima game, I get nervous waiting for Sergio’s goal. That’s always going to happen because of how difficult it was to win them, I’ll never forget that. I get nervous every time I see that moment”.

“We’re focused on the Super Cup and that’s what we’re working towards.”

“It’s a very good squad but I’m not the one who decides these things. The players that are here are great players and those who still haven’t returned to training, we already know about their quality. Our minds are on the Super Cup and that’s what we’re working towards”.

Praise for Nacho and Morata
“Álvaro has always been a great player. Now he’s got a lot of experience and he’s really going to help us out. When Nacho used to train with us from Castilla I already thought highly of him. As his friend I’d like him to stay because the team loves him and he offers a lot in every training session and in every match”.

Cristiano Ronaldo and Pepe
“I congratulated them and I don’t know anything about Cristiano Ronaldo’s injury. I hope he can be fit for the European Super Cup”.

Working with Pintus
“It’s normal for him to be harsh with us. He’s got a lot of experience as a fitness coach and if you want to win, you have to work. We have new goals”.

Achraf, the academy graduate
“He’s a player with a lot of quality and he’s got time to keep learning things. I wish him all the best here”.

Retiring in the MLS?
“I want to stay at Real Madrid, but the MLS is a beautiful league. I came to Montreal more than 10 years ago and it’s grown a lot since then. It’s much better than it used to be and I hope it continues to expand. They’ve given us a really warm welcome and the facilities are incredible”.

Here’s a cute video of Marcelo to end things for the evening.

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😂😂😂 #behappy @kingjames 🏀🏀🏀

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And now I’m going to going to get back to my fretting.

– Lozil

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