Friday Training, Clinic Kiddies And the “Canadian Marcelo”

22 Jul

_HH21072Thumb,0The team continued training for the fifth day in a row. How good is it to see The Baby back in action?

The mothership posted a video of Morata as well.

There was also a neat little clip about how they use GPS in training.

Benz, The Baby, Casemiro, Kiko Casilla, Isco, Jesé, Danilo and Rubén Yáñez participated in an Audi clinic for 20 children. Most of those guys are fathers and they seem to be enjoying their time with the children. Love this picture of Kiko with a little boy.


And then there is the “Canadian Marcelo” Marcelo met Montreal Impact and Belize National Team forward Michael Salazar and they noticed that they resembled each other. The interaction was caught on video.

– Lozil

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