Sunday In Montreal

24 Jul

01gal_1RM9808Thumb,0The team completed their seventh day of training in Montreal. Damn, the time is going so fast!

The mothership gave us some videos today – first, this one of Isco and then ones of the clinic and meet and greet.

The Baby did an interview – how can it already be six years since he arrived?!


Varane: “I feel wanted by the club and fans, I’ve got everything I need to keep improving”

“I’m happy at Real Madrid. I came here when I was 18 years old and I’ve already won the Champions League twice”, said the French defender.

After the first session of the day Varane spoke to the media in the press room. The defender showed his excitement ahead of the new campaign: “New season, new number, hopefully I can continue progressing. I’m positive and I want to keep progressing. I feel wanted by the club and fans who treat me like one of their academy players. I’m with the best players in the world and I’ve got everything here to continue improving and to give everything”.

“I’ve been at Real Madrid for 5 years and hopefully this season I can move to the next level. I want to stay. I’ve got everything here to continue progressing. The best is yet to come and I’m confident about my future. I’m going to continue improving here. You have to make decision in life. I spoke with the club and with Zidane. This summer I made the decision to stay here because I’m happy”.

Career at Real Madrid
“I could never have imagined my numbers at Real Madrid. It’s incredible. I came here when I was 18 years old and I’ve already won the Champions League twice. It’s all positive. This year I just want to enjoy it and make the most of every moment because I’m lucky to wear this shirt. I want to enjoy it, work hard and give everything”.

Recovering from his injury
“I missed the Euros and the Champions League final. I want to leave that negativity behind. I want to move on to the next page and I’m convinced that Real Madrid is the best place for me to progress and leave that behind. I want to stay here for many years”.

Competition in defence
“The team needs us all. My objective is to be at my best level and competition is always good. I want to get the most out of myself”.

“We’re working a different way and working very hard. We’ve suffered a lot and that’s a good sign. We’re working similar to what I experienced in France and at the moment we’re working well. The objective is to prepare well for the season and to be right in the long term. We’re working really hard. It’s my sixth season here and it’s the first time that we’ve worked so hard.

Debut against PSG
“We’re training a lot and the objective of pre-season is to get to the best physical level. The game against PSG allows us to keep progressing physically and to also work on tactics. This type of game is ideal to work hard on the fitness”.

“He’s concentrating on getting right physically. We need a lot of work to be right. He’s happy and looking forward to starting the games”.

Importance of balance
“We need balance. We’re going to work a lot on defence-attack transitions. Defending together is very important and when it comes to attack, we’ve got a very talented team, that’s why it’s important to defend well. When we work together we always play well”.

“He’s a friend. I’ve spoken to him but not recently. I don’t know what he’s thinking. He’s a great player. We’ve got a great team and it’s the club that decides. I’ve got nothing more to say about it”.

The Montreal Impact training facilities
“We’ve got ideal facilities and the atmosphere is ideal. The conditions are all here to train and prepare for the season. The team is working very well”.

– Lozil

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