Ready For Bayern

3 Aug

_HH20747Thumb,0Sadly, work kept me from going to the training session yesterday. If anyone went, let me know how it was!

They also took part in a Microsoft event.



Zidane: “Against Bayern I want to be seeing more from my players”
by Alberto Navarro (New York)

“It’s tough to improve on the team we’ve got, but our target is to win it all”, he declared in the press conference.

Zinedine Zidane took to the press room at New Jersey’s Red Bull Arena to speak to the media on the eve of the third and final game of Real Madrid’s pre-season programme. The European champions’ coach spoke of the clash against Bayern Munich in the following terms: “We’ve now got this third game, which is an important one. I want us to up things and I want to be seeing more from my players. The plan is for those who start the game to get more playing time. I’m happy with what we’ve done so far and with the work that we’ve put in on the tour. We trained very well in Canada”.

“It’s tough to improve on the team we’ve got, but our target is to win it all. We’re ready for it, I’m happy with the squad and we’re working hard. There’s no doubt that it’ll be a tough year, but I’m happy to be starting a new season. At this club the pressure is there every day. I know what it’s like to coach this team, because I was a player here and I’ve been here for many years. I like being under pressure, because it makes you improve”.

Castilla players this pre-season
“There are some big players in the first-team squad, but there are also academy players who are capable of performing well and they’re here on merit. They’re doing very well but we must take things one step at a time. They’re training with us and are getting better with it. We’ve got a team with many players and the most important thing is the first-team squad”.

Jesé and PSG
“It’s not a done deal, but it’s well on the way. When we return to Madrid we’ll know more about it. I think that it’s an ideal club for him because they’re a good team and he’ll get lots of goals there. They’re a major club and I hope that if all goes well, he returns to Real Madrid, which is home for him. It may perhaps be for a year, after which he’ll return home”.

Ancelotti is someone I learned alot from and who I admire.

“I’m very happy because I’ve got a lot of respect for him. I had him as a coach in my playing days and he’s someone I learned a lot from and who I admire. As his assistant I kept quiet and I learned a lot from him. Now it’s my time and I thank him for what he taught me. I’ve got a lot of respect for him and I’ll say hello to him, just as I always do”.

“As things stand, he won’t be playing tomorrow, because he hasn’t done any work with the rest of the squad. The plan is for him to continue doing his only thing and for him to be back with us on Saturday once we’re back home”.

Embarrassment of riches in the middle of the park
“There are a lot of players in that position and that’s why nothing is finalised. It’s difficult for all of them to play, because they’re all very good. We’ll take some decisions when we’re back in Madrid”.

Marco Asensio
“We’ll have to see what happens. We haven’t got much time but we’ll make a decision in Madrid. He’s a Real Madrid player and my plan is for him to remain as a part of the squad, because that’s what he wants too. Until 31 August anything can happen”.

“He’s a Real Madrid player and I don’t want him to go. With you being a Colombian, it’s to be expected that you would think that he should play more than he does, but he has to keep on working and I hope that this year he plays more often and showcases his talent. I want the players to give 100% I’ve got 25 players and in each game only 11 can play. I’ve got nothing against James, he works well within the team and the most important thing is for us to work together to win”.

Sport and no to violence
“We practice sport every day and we all want peace. Cohabitation between everyone is very special and we have to try to get along as best we can. We want to send out a message of peace and we wish them a good life”.

The team is now hanging out until match time at the Renaissance Meadowland Hotel.

Well, mygypsyspirit has arrived at my house so we’re getting into game mode! HALA MADRID!

– Lozil


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