Asensio’s Presentation

16 Aug

_3AM3155Thumb,0Busy day at the Bernabeu and even more so for Marco Asensio who was presented as a Real Madrid player. He later got in the starting XI for the match vs. Stade de Reims.

Contract Signing



Asensio’s presentation at the Santiago Bernabéu

“You are a marvelous player who has already begun to seduce madridismo with your talents“, said Florentino Pérez.

Marco Asensio was presented at the Santiago Bernabéu as a new Real Madrid player. After a video was shown, displaying images of the midfielder, Florentino Pérez welcomed him and wished him well in this new stage in his career at the club, where he’ll wear the number 20 shirt: “Today is a great day for this club as we are presenting a marvelous player, his quality is indisputable and he’s been hoping to wear the Real Madrid shirt for years. He’s already begun to seduce madridismo with his talents”.

“I know it was your big desire to start playing and your determination has been important to be with us. Real Madrid has chosen you, but you have also chosen Real Madrid”

Asensio’s first record
“I want you to know that you have earned the right to be a Real Madrid player. This shirt represents total dedication and maximum responsibility. You know that Real Madrid are committed to our legend, values and the emotions of our fans. Supporters who you have already fought to win the Super Cup for with you extraordinary goal which saw you become the youngest player to score for Real Madrid in European competition”.

“Our fans will always be with you but they will also demand that you give everything for the team. You come to Real Madrid very young, 20 years old, but with great footballing quality after a season with at Espanyol and after becoming a full international and champion of Europe at under-18s. This is your home and we are going to help you to be happy here so that you can enjoy playing for this badge and this shirt”.

Asensio: “I would like to thank the president and the club for their confidence”
“It’s a very important day for me and a privilege to be here. It’s something that I’ve dreamt of since I was small. I would like to thank the president and the club for their confidence. I will work hard and I will give everything to be able to play here for many years”, said Marco Asensio who became emotional during his speech and couldn’t hold back the tears.



Asensio: “I’ve come to Real Madrid full of hope and ready to make the most of the opportunities that I get”

“I’m ambitious and I want to win everything at this club”, said the new Whites’ midfielder.

Accompanied by Emilio Butragueño, director of Internal Relations at Real Madrid, Marco Asensio spoke to the media after his presentation as a new Real Madrid player and going out on to the pitch at the stadium: “I don’t feel vertigo. I’ve come to this club full of hope and wanting to work hard to do as well as possible. Hopefully everything will go well. I’m ambitious, I want to win everything with Real Madrid”.

“I’m really happy to be here. From the beginning I’ve wanted to stay. I went in to pre-season with the idea of getting in to the squad and that’s how it turned out. Just after arriving we won the Super Cup, chipping in with a goal, it was unforgettable. I will keep working to get more minutes in the team”.

Confidence from Zidane
“I had a chat with the coach. He told me to stay calm and to work hard in training. He wanted me to stay and so did I. I’m available for whenever he needs me. With the confidence of the coach, I’ll try to make the most of the minutes I get and try to do as well as possible”.

“I’m comfortable in any of the attacking positions. I’m available to the coach. I’m really looking forward to playing. Lucas Vázquez is an example of hard work and making the most of the minutes”.

Changing room
“It’s what has surprised me the most. It’s very united, there’s a good atmosphere and this comes out on the field. From the beginning they’ve treated me really well and I’m comfortable in the changing room”.

“From 10 years of age I played at Mallorca and I must be grateful for that. I grew and I developed there. A lot of what I am now is thanks to Mallorca”.

“Years ago I really looked at Özil, in this type of player with quality and elegance, like Isco or Silva, I like them a lot”.

“Coming to Real Madrid everything changes. We are a very close family. Without them I wouldn’t be here. It’s a very emotional time for me and I dedicate it my family and I hope that they enjoy it”.

On The Pitch

Welcome Marco!


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  1. Mandy August 19, 2016 at 10:10 am #

    Ugh. He’s so cute. He was in diapers when I was in high school, so cute is as far as I can go. 😛

  2. Dreamlover225 August 19, 2016 at 8:45 pm #

    Damnnnnnnnnn he’s fine

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