Match Recap: Real Sociedad 0 – 3 Real Madrid

23 Aug

Celebrating Bale's goal

It’s been a footie-filled summer. While I’ve enjoyed it, I’ve also really enjoyed the weeks I’ve had off from writing between Euros and the beginning of the La Liga season. We started our season on the road in San Sebastian against Real Sociedad (duh, it’s in the post title).

I am not going to do posts the same way this season. Between spending all the time working and commuting that I already do, I am finally finishing my degree and classes start soon. This will be in addition to trying to maintain my gym schedule (I have Spartan races to own) and having some kind of semblance of a social life. Also, Cap (my roommate) has abandoned me until October and I have responsibility for his dogs all by myself. Adulting is hard.

But Yes. I do think I’m a superhero.

This post will be longer since I’ll probably ramble on for a minute about my disappointment in the transfer window thus far. In fact, let’s get that out of the way now. I’m a little disappointed. There’s been no real movement from Zidane. Now, I really just want us to shore up the DM position as without Casemiro it feels lacking sometimes. I’m not saying I don’t like our squad. But we need a little security and depth. There are a number of factors that might be at play. To include some financial trouble we could potentially be in with the city of Madrid. But with a potential transfer ban looming, I felt we needed to do some major work in this transfer window and we didn’t. So I’m hoping Zidane can get a bit more out of the boys in the opening minutes of games than we’ve seen in the preseason.

Enough of my rambling. How about some social media fun!

Pre-Match Social Media:

I’m a bit disappointed in Karim’s first match day tweet:

Oh #ToniLive, I’ve missed you

Varane followed the suit of Benz:

Starting Lineups:

Real Sociedad: Geronimo Rulli; Joseba Zaldua, Yuri Berchiche, Iñigo Martinez, Mikel Gonzalez; Markel Bergara, Asier Illarramendi; David Zurutuza, Mikel Oyarzabal, David Concha; Juanmi

Real Madrid: Kiko Casilla; Dani Carvajal, Sergio Ramos, Raphael Varane, Marcelo; Casemiro, Matteo Kovacic, Toni Kroos; Marco Asensio, Alvaro Morata, Gareth Bale


It didn’t take long for the boys to get going. Especially Gareth “I don’t need time off from Euros” Bale after a long and oh-so-sweet pass from The Pony (Lord I’ve missed the nicknames) to Dani (who needs a nickname). Dani put in the cross and Bale used his manbunned head to get us in front in just the second minute.


We slowed down after that, with Sociedad having a lot of possession and not allowing us to play a short passing game. ToniLive went close in the 21st minute.

The first booking of the match went to Mikel (which was pretty surprising) for a late challenge on my second favorite German. What? We all know that Poldi is my favorite German!

In the 40th minute, Marco Asensio gave us another goal with a gorgeous little chip over the keeper. I would say that goal justified his selection ahead of Isco and Jummus.


So, while watching Copa America with me, Cap thought that the commentators were saying Hummus instead of James. And it just stuck. I decided it was much better with the “J.”

Assist from Baby Varane, btw.

We held our lead after the two added minutes and went into the half feeling good.

Second Half:

The second half got off to an electric start. In the 48th minute, Bergara went down easy in the box looking to get Sociedad a penalty. In the 50th minute, Casanova Casemiro was booked for his late challenge on Concha. I was honestly surprised it took so long for him to get booked.

Morata was then booked for diving in the 54th minute. I definitely didn’t think it was a dive. What did you guys think?

Just a minute later, Toni absolutely smashed a shot off the crossbar. He’s already itching for a goal! I like that we’re taking those shots already.

Willian Jose replaced Concha for Real Sociedad in the 56th minute.

My son, Lucas Vazquez, came in for Asensio in the 66th minute. I was a bit surprised by this one, as in the second half Asensio was probably the best looking player out there.

In the 69th minute Zaldua was booked for bringing Bale down just outside the box. The freekick was taken by Ramos, much to my disappointment, but it hit the wall.

We got subs from both teams in the 73rd minute. For Sociedad, Prieto replaced Juanmi while Isco Cutie Pie came in for ToniLive for Madrid. Then our next sub was James for Morata in the 77th minute.

Real Sociedad brought Carlos Vela in for Mikel in the 80th minute.

In the 88th minute, Ramos and Yuri got into it before both teams were involved in a near melee. The two players were booked and both squads managed to move on. Way to Ramos, Ramos… *sigh*


It’s actually Marcelo that should have been carded. And I love the way Isco is casually strolling up and then in that last gif is like “Nah… This ain’t for me.”

5 minutes of extra time were added and in the 94th minute, Bale ended the game in a better way than Ramos wanted to by slotting home an excellent pass from Jummus.


Good start to the season boys!

Match Photos:

Post-Match Comments:

Zidane postmatch


Zidane: “To start with a win at such a difficult ground is the best approach”
by Javier Garcia | Photographer: Angel Martinez

“Seeing your team give hardly any chances away and keeping a clean sheet is the most pleasing thing for a coach”, he added.

Zinedine Zidane spoke in the press room at Anoeta about Real Madrid’s opening day win in La Liga: “It is always important to make a good start to a campaign. We played well and to start with a win in such a difficult stadium with three goals in our favour and having conceded none is the best approach. They are just three points though, and now we need to rest and prepare for the next game”.

“I try to show that all of the players are key and if we achieve something important then it is teamwork that will allow us to achieve it. Picking my team can be a headache because they are all quality players. What pleases me is that they are all doing extremely well. We fight for every ball and every play. Seeing your team give hardly any chances away and keeping a clean sheet is the most pleasing thing for a coach”.

“I am pleased with the work he did and his goal. I was very satisfied with his game. For me however the most important aspect is the team, not simply Marco or Mateo. Everyone played well but it is more a case of the team. We created a lot of chances and gave very few away. We kept a clean sheet”. 

“Asensio is working hard, he has quality and talent. He is very good with the ball and positions himself well. His goal was impressive and he lost his marker well”.

Bale’s performance
“I am happy for him. He still has some catching up to do physically but that didn’t show today. We started in the best way possible, scoring a goal quickly, which made things easy for us. It is a tough ground to come to and if you don´t take your chances things can get complicated. We scored three without conceding. I don´t like to speak specifically about one player but when Gareth scores twice… It is an important year for him and he has shown that”.

Order of the substitutions
“All of the players are important to me. Something different may happen in the next game. What matters to me i what I see over the course of the week. All of the players are going to feature and play important roles”.

“He is doing well, he is focussed, working hard and today we were able to get three points”.

Asensio post match

Asensio: “It was important to begin the La Liga season with a win”
by Javier Garcia | Photographer: Angel Martinez

“We’ve got to give the win the importance it deserves because winning at Anoeta is never easy”, declared Casemiro.

Fresh from having made his La Liga debut for Real Madrid and claiming the game’s second goal, Marco Asensio addressed the media at the final whistle: “It was important to begin the La Liga season with a win. We played well and we’re pleased to have got our first win of the season”.

“I don’t set myself any targets. I try to work hard, play well and in the end things are working out well. I’m happy and even more so because my goals are helping the team. In training, I work hard to make the starting line-up and I try to do my best to be picked. Today in the pre-match meeting Zidane told me that I’d be starting”.

Casemiro: “An important win”
“There’s no doubt that this is an important win because we knew that coming to Anoeta is never easy. We’ve got to give it the importance it deserves because we’ve beaten very tough opposition. We’re Real Madrid and at this club you’ve got to fight for everything and battle on until the end”.

Asensio’s goal
“You’ve got to admire the finish for the second goal. You can see what a great job he’s doing and he’s an important player for us”.

“You can see that we’ve got a great squad and that we’re training hard and performing well. We all want to play and that’s a good thing for the coach. The players who are coming off the bench and those who are starting are all doing well. The players we’ve got make ours the best squad in the world”.

“Everyone wants to play, and you could see when he came on that he did well, he ran around and wanted to get on the ball. The coach is being fair with everyone. He needs to continue to work hard because he’s an important player for us and he’s got real quality”.

Kovacic: “Marco is a quality player”
“It was an important game for us. We got the three points and we have to continue on in the same vein. Today the whole team put a shift in, we all attacked together and that’s vital if we’re to win trophies. It was also important to get an early goal. The second was a fantastic goal, Marco has real quality and is a very good player”.

Post-Match Social Media:

The boys got the season off to a good start and shared their excitement on social media. How can I deny you all that happy in one place?

This one might be my favorite, despite its poor quality, for most of the season.

Although this Toni photo is also adorable.


Our next match is Saturday at home against Celta Vigo.

¡Hala Madrid y Nada Mas!


(gifs by gutilicious, swirlytops, and informadrid)

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