Ready For Celta

26 Aug

_3AM9366Thumb,0The team had their final session before meeting Celta tomorrow.

Fabio did exercises on the pitch. Cris & Karim worked out indoors, although the latter came out later. (Video)

Cris posted a video from the gym.

And because he’s the sharing & caring type, he brought the creepy torso trophy out to share with his friends. Guess he wanted to share the nightmares. Gee, thanks buddy!

This picture of Marcelo and Casemiro with the torso cracked me up.




Zidane: “It’s the first home game and we want to play as well as we can”
by Javier Garcia | Photographer: Angel Martinez

“The fans will come to the ground and it’s great for us to see a full stadium”, he added.

On the day before the first league game back at the Bernabéu, Zinedine Zidane appeared in front of the media to discuss the clash against Celta: “It’s exciting, it’s the first home game and we want to play as well as we can. We started very well in La Liga at a difficult ground. Now we’re up against a very good opponent, we know all about their quality and we’re ready to play tomorrow. The fans will come to the ground and it’s great for us to see a full stadium”.

“We’ve got another tough opponent who play some good football, but our plan is the same as ever. It’s our first game at home in front of our fans and we’ve got to come out the blocks well to try and get the three points”.

“James is a Madrid player. My answers might seem as though I want James to go, but he’s a great player, he’s here and he’s got a contract. It’s true that he’s not playing much and that might be a problem, but I try to make all the players feel important and James is no different from the rest. I haven’t spoken with James, nor with anyone in particular. I speak to the group”.

Madridistas in the national squad
“The players and how they’re working are the most important things and they’ve earned it. Everyone aspires to be playing with their national team. They’re at this great club, the best in the world, and it’s important for them to be with their national sides too”.

“He’s doing what I ask of him. If he can get a goal tomorrow, perfect. I’m happy with the work he’s doing, he looks good physically and he’s in good form. He always fights, runs and works hard without the ball. I hope he carries on like this, and if he gets a goal, even better”.

“Anything can happen until the 31st. Nobody is coming in, that’s certain, but it’s possible some may leave. This is the squad I’ve got and I’m happy with the players I have. There are injured players and some who still haven’t come back yet. There’s good depth, the season will be tough and we’re going to need all of our players”.

“I have 23 or 24 players and they’re all going to get a game. Cristiano and Karim aren’t playing and there are other players who have done well. When everyone is back, I’ll make the decisions about who will play, that’s not going to change. I want to be clear, every player is important and it’s no surprise that they’re all here. If they’re playing for Real Madrid, it’s because they’re very good footballers”.

Piqué’s comments
“I’m not going to get involved. He can think whatever he likes, we won the Champions League and everyone can have an opinion. We fought hard and managed to win a very difficult Champions League. Now and then you might have an easy game but over the course of the competition it’s always tough. He also said that they won La Liga and that they’re the best team in Spain. When you win the league you can say that, it’s normal. We start from scratch this year, we’re going to do what we can and fight to try and change that”.

Casillas missing out on the Spain squad
“I’ve got enough to think about here. I know Iker very well but I’m not going to get involved. I respect the national coach’s decision”.

Marcelo back with Brazil
“He’s no better now than he was before. Marcelo is Marcelo, he’s unique and he’s very good. I’m really glad they’ve called him up and he can go with his country. He’s an important player for his country and for Real Madrid”.

Isco’s knock
“He’s got some discomfort in his ankle. Last week he took a knock on his ankle and he’s still not recovered. He left the training session and he won’t be with us tomorrow”.

“Varane didn’t want to go anywhere, even though some big offers came in for him. He’s an important player, an international. He’s important for the club and for me. He’s shown that in the first two matches and his quality is still there. I’ve got four very good centre backs and only two can play”.

Call Ups

The following players were called up for the match:

Goalkeepers: Casilla, Rubén Yáñez and Craninx.
Defenders: Carvajal, Pepe, Ramos, Varane, Marcelo and Danilo.
Midfielders: Kroos, James, Casemiro, Kovacic, Modric and Asensio.
Forwards: Bale, Lucas Vázquez, Mariano and Morata.

Clarence Seedorf & Roberto Carlos (along with Thierry Henry) were at the Creepy Torso Awards and the mothership captured this video reminiscence.

– Lozil

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