Ready for Villareal

20 Sep

_he12789thumbThe team had their last training session before tomorrow’s match versus Villareal.


Martin Odegaard and Enzo joined the first team for the session. Both Pepe & Casemiro (who have knocks) worked out indoors. (Video)



Zidane: “Villarreal haven’t lost yet and it will be a difficult game”
by Alberto Navarro

“Cristiano Ronaldo and Bale trained normally and are 100%”, added the Real Madrid coach.

Zinedine Zidane spoke in the press room at the Real Madrid City ahead of the league match against Villareal. The Whites coach analysed the game against the team from Castellon: “We know that it will be another difficult game. We are playing against a side that has not lost yet, they’ve got very good players. We’ve not had a lot of time to prepare for the game because we are playing every three days, at the moment it’s not important to train, the important thing is to prepare for the games looking at what we want to do. We are ready and we’ll see what happens tomorrow”.

“We can always improve. The players can and the coach even more so. We’re doing well, but it’s normal that there are more critics and demand than in other clubs. When you sign for this club you know what it’s about. We’re going to try to continue improving and for example try to keep a clean sheet. We’ll try doing that tomorrow: play well and keep a clean sheet, it’s something for all the payers to do”.

Record number of league wins
“We haven’t won anything, and the records are nice. We’re going to try to continue picking up wins. It’s what we want to try to do: train, play and win. It’s going to be a long season and there will be difficult moments. At the minute everything is going well. I always think from day to day and that’s it. There’s nothing else in our heads”.

State of Cristiano Ronaldo and Bale
“They’re good. They’ve trained normally and both of them are 100%”.

Ballon d’or
“I don’t decide who wins it. Cristiano Ronaldo has been paying really well for a long time and he deserves to be amongst the winners. He’s had a spectacular year and there aren’t many players who can achieve what he has. I’d give him the Ballon d’or”.

“I’m lucky to be coaching this team, but Real Madrid has always had good teams. There have always been great teams here, amazing teams”.

Physical condition of Keylor Navas
“He’s coming along well and improving every day. Every day he’s closer. I can’t give you a date. He’s had a great training session today. It depends on the doctors and how he feels. I don’t know when it will be. He’s almost ready to be with us”.

Praise for Casilla
“He’s a keeper who always wants to train and learn from Keylor. There’s a good relationship between the three and that helps them progress. I like that he’s not afraid; if he has to play with his feet he does, if he has to come off of his line he will. All of his teammates are confident in him and his coach too”.

The centre backs
“Pepe felt something from the Espanyol game. As he’s not right he will rest because we have another game on Saturday. My idea is that the four centre backs all play. We can also use Nacho as a full back. We’re happy with the four of them”.

“He’s doing well. He played the other day and the idea is that everyone plays. The important thing is that he continues to do well. I have the same conversation with all the players. They must train 100% and help the team”.

Coentrão’s return
“We have to be patient and take our time. He’s happy because he’s returned with us and we’ll see when he’s ready to be called up for the squad”.

“We must be focused on what we have to do ourselves because we finish first. Whatever happens they are going to be up there until the end because they’re both very strong. We must continue trying to record more wins. Even if we win three or four more consecutive games it’s not going to be easy to win the league. We must think about our game and the rest isn’t going to change anything. Whatever happens it won’t affect us. We have to win”.

Neymar’s game
“I’m not in Neymar’s head. It’s not a provocation. Everyone interprets football their way and he interprets it like that. He does things that not many can do but it’s better to ask him directly”.

Lucas Silva
“He’s recovering with the doctors and bit by bit he’s going to start again”.

Call Ups

The following players have been called up for the match:

Goalkeeper: Casilla, Rubén Yáñez and Craninx.
Defenders: Carvajal, Sergio Ramos, Varane, Nacho, Marcelo and Danilo.
Midfielders: Kroos, James, Kovacic, Asensio and Isco.
Forwards: Cristiano Ronaldo, Benzema, Bale, Lucas Vázquez and Morata.

Hala Madrid!

– Lozil

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