Ready For Legia Warsaw

17 Oct

_3am0332thumbThe team finished their final training session before tomorrow’s Champions League match vs. Legia Warsaw.

Real Madrid Training

This will be Real Madrid’s 400th match in European Cup competition. (Video)

Legia Warsaw Training

Our competitors for tomorrow had a training session in the Santiago Bernabeu.


_3am0825_hthumbFROM REALMADRID.COM

Zidane: “Against Legia we must start well and make it difficult for them from the off”
by Javier Garcia

“We must do our utmost to avoid any surprises”, added the coach.

Zidane spoke to the media about the match against Legia Warszawa on Tuesday (8:45pm CEST). The technician explained the keys to victory: “Both teams are playing in the same competition, so we are at the same level. The match will be 50-50. We must start well and make it difficult for them from the off. Although a lot of people say that there are differences between the teams, we’re playing the same competition and if there is a difference we must show that out on the field”.

“A player always needs confidence. There are difficult moments when you draw, but it is something that can happen. The only thing the players can do is work harder. If we work hard, concentrate and play with intensity we can change matches with the quality we have. Now we have another game, another competition, and we’re not going to say that we will score a lot of goals. That does not happen. We have to prepare well and see what happens tomorrow”.

The match against Betis
“Yes, I am satisfied with the work. When the job is well done we can achieve good things. After the game against Betis, the coach can only be happy. We did well from beginning to the end. Now we have another game and another challenge, in the sense that we have to play another game and it will not be another 6-1”.

“He’s fine, he’s already better. It is his first training session with the team and he is fine. No discomfort, physically he has recovered and has stayed back taking free kicks at the end. He’s okay”.

“He’s an important player. You will concentrate on one player, but he is always working well. He knows where he is and the difficulties, but he works hard and I’m happy with his performance and his goals. He is important and I like him”.

“He needs a run in the side to feel better. The most important thing is that he doesn’t get the pains that he had again. It is important that he gets a run of games. We must be careful that he’s not playing every game. All players want to play. He looks good to me and should continue doing the same thing”.

“The goals are the result of the work you do during the game. The important thing is that we now have two matches in which we must take points. In the other group match both can drop points. We must give our all, work hard and start strong so there are no surprises”.

“I try to explain to the players the situation. I do not speak every day with Marco. He trains well and is available to the team. He works for himself and for the team. He will play minutes and the important thing is that he is ready for that”.

Enzo penalty
“He did not say anything about how he was going to take it. I saw it and it was good. He scored the goal. If you try that and don’t score you can have problems. But when you score, there’s no problem”.

“The three draws in the league are part of football. To achieve something important this season we know that the road is very long. You have to be very focused in every match. You have to think that no game is easy. We’re 22 games unbeaten, it’s nice, but the most important thing is to keep adding to that”.

“He very good, working hard and he’s going to have minutes. He knows where he is. He is focussed and will have minutes here. When he goes on he does what’s asked of him and he competes, that’s the most important thing. We are a team and we will approach everything together. There are players who will play less, that will always happen”.

Legia fans
“We will play the game normally. Security is necessary as in all matches at the Bernabéu”.

Remarks by the President of France
“Yes, they’re annoying. Whenever someone speaks about a player it’s annoying, it’s normal. In your work they can criticise you but not say strange things. It is normal that it bothers people. Everyone can have an opinion, but I do not share the words of others and that’s that. It will now be difficult to talk about because we both have a lot of work. We have a game tomorrow and Karim too. We are concentrating on that”.

_3am0684_hthumbFROM REALMADRID.COM

Varane: “It’s an important game: we want to win and always do our best”
by Javier Garcia | Photographer: Angel Martinez

“I have the coach’s confidence and I feel good physically”, said the defender.

Varane appeared alongside Zidane in the press room of the Real Madrid City. The White’s defender explained how the team go into the match against Legia Warszawa: “Winning away at Betis is not easy and more so scoring six goals. We’re fine, we had a good match with intensity and that’s good for our confidence. We want to continue with this intensity, we now have an important game and we want to win and always give our best”.

“From the beginning of the season I have felt very good, I worked hard in the summer and have the confidence of the coach. I am very happy playing in the national team and Real Madrid. I am in good shape physically, every day I try to improve. I am very calm and relaxed”.

Zidane’s secret
“There is no secret. The important thing is hard work. With hard work things get done. We want to win and keep playing well. A draw is not a crisis. We believe in ourselves, we have talent and we know that with hard work we can get good results. We will continue to work and the results will be good”.

Team’s style
“The idea we have is to go forward, play with great pace and depth. We know we have a lot of quality and we always try to play offensively and on the wings”.

Legia Warszawa
“Our motivation is the same. Legia will try to play their best. We must prepare for the game like every other game. We will attack and try to score goals against Legia, but always with balance and using our heads. It will not be easy. We have to play with high intensity”.

“I feel good with all my teammates. We complement each other. With Pepe I play on the left. It’s a matter of adapting to everyone. I do not feel better with one or the other. I’m happy with everyone”.

“Hopefully I am lucky enough to play here for many years. It is my sixth season, I have learnt and improved a lot. I’m happy and I want more. I want to keep improving”.

Goals against
“Defending is for everyone. We all have our share of defensive work. I have seen the team work well in recent games. The opponent also does well. We are not bad, but we can improve. We are good and we are all clear that we must work together”.

His goals
“It is always a plus for a defender to score goals. We are dangerous from set pieces. We have good players in the air. I can improve and score more goals and I’ll work on it”.

French President’s words
“I’m not going to answer. If I see him I’ll tell him what I think, but I will not answer here. His words didn’t bothered me.”

Call Ups

The following players were called up for the match:

Goalkeepers: Keylor Navas, Casilla and Rubén Yáñez.
Defenders: Carvajal, Pepe, Varane, Nacho, Marcelo and Danilo.
Midfielders: Kroos, James, Kovacic, Asensio and Isco.
Forwards: Cristiano Ronaldo, Benzema, Bale, Lucas Vázquez and Morata.


– Lozil

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