Ready For Alavés

28 Oct

_he22389thumbThe team had their final session before they headed off to face Alavés tomorrow.


While the team had their session, Lukita did some individual training on the pitch. Sergio & Casemiro continue with their recoveries. (Video)


_he22662_hthumbFROM REALMADRID.COM

Zidane: “It is going to be complicated, Alavés have not lost at home”
by Javier Garcia

“If we want something at the end of the season we have to do as we are doing now in every single game”, he added.

Zidane spoke to the press before the game against Alavés (Saturday, 4:15pm; CEST). The Whites; boss had the following to say about the clash in Mendizorroza: “I’m expecting a difficult, complicated game. They are unbeaten at home and doing really well. We know how difficult the game will be and what we have to do is recognise how difficult it will be. If we bear that in mind and give the required level of concentration, as we have been doing recently, then things will be different. That is our thinking in preparation for the game”.

“The players are aware that if we want something at the end of the season we have to do as we are doing now in every single game. This will help us to do big things. on the other hand, if we go into tomorrow’s game thinking we are going to win. We are focussed on what we have to do. This week has been good. Every games is different”.

Ramos, Casemiro and Modric
“The three of them have all made slight returns, Modric more so. Sergio started back just two days ago and he needs time. Casemiro is the same, things have to go slowly. He is doing well and we have to have patience. We will see how things go next week. Modric still isn’t with the team. He is recovering and is doing slightly better. We are taking it one day at a time. Next week will be important and we have to have patience”.

“He is here for the same reason as all of the others. We shall see tomorrow which team plays. Nacho is doing phenomenally well. He is a real professional, training well and putting a shift in when he plays. He does exactly what we ask of him”.

Ballon d’Or
“I know how it works, but above all what I’ve seen throughout the year. It is always the same. Cristiano has set his standards so high that whenever he doesn’t score it is a problem. But its quite the opposite. To answer your question what he did 2016 is there for all to see, not just as an individual but for the team. He knows that what h is doing is down to his own work and the work of those around him. He clearly deserves the Ballon d’Or”.

The BBC starting
“There are no injustices. I’m responsible for my decisions. I want what is best for my team”.

“Lucas Vázquez has earned his extension through hard work. I have a lot of faith is his capacities. It has not been easy for him. He was in the youth team, He went and then has come back to the first team. His is a great story and madridistas really value these kind of people. He is great, hard-working and what he has is hard earned. Hard work always pays off. Perhaps there are more talented players and that won’t change. But he has earned this and I’m happy that he has got another five years on his contract. I would renew all of my players’ contracts, they are the best. I won’t change my stance on that”.

Cristiano Ronaldo’s state of mind
“He may be frustrated, that’s normal, but he’s not worried. He wants to score goals and that is normal. Cristiano Ronaldo is unique because of what he is doing. He has set his standards so high that if he doesn’t score a goal… But these are things that he has to live with, he is phenomenal”.

Marcos Llorente’s clause
“These are things between clubs and i don’t have anything to do with it. I am the coach and I’m only concerned with tomorrow’s game. He is playing a lot and I’m keeping my eye on him. That was the idea from the start and I am happy for him”.

Recognition for Ronaldo Nazario in México
“Congratulations to him. He knows what I think of him. I’ve got a lot of love for him. He is quite possibly the best player I have played with. I really appreciate him, he showed a lot as a player. I appreciated him a lot when we played opposite each other in Italy and later on I had the fortune of playing alongside him at this great club”.

Asensio’s goals
“It’s no surprise. He is a different player, he breaks through the lines. He is fast with the ball and has a great shot”.

Goals conceded
“I am no too concerned, We will try to improve on these statistics. We play 90 minutes against every team and you have to understand that you could concede a goal at any moment. We will work hard at conceding fewer goals. I would bank winning every game by one goal, having conceded goals”.


Hundreds of fans greeted the team when they arrived in Vitoria.


Karim & The Baby were chosen to meet the fans today at the Jardines de Uleta hotel.

Hala Madrid!

– Lozil

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