Thursday Training, Talented Offspring & A Future Love Match?

3 Nov


_3am8795thumbThe players that didn’t travel to Warsaw had a training session today.

Marcelo, James, Lukita, Lucas Silva and U18s goalkeeper Moha did work with and without the ball. Casemiro & Pepe did recovery work indoors. (Video)

Sergio training individually on the pitch.

We also got a peek at the Ramos babies!

Pilar posted this Tickle Me Marco video.

And here’s Sergio Jr. showing that athletic talent runs in the family!

I love how he has little red jeans, just like his papi. I’m praying that he inherits his father’s fashion sense. Is that wrong to wish on a child?!

My Littler Pony isn’t the only offspring getting sporty. DLo’s Zoe is rocking some basketball action.

It’s also DLo’s 35th birthday (HAPPY BIRTHDAY!) and they posted some snaps from the party.

Bianca could not look less enthused. I think I know someone that she would get along with perfectly: The Ever Judgmental Raul Arbeloa Ruiz ™. They could side eye the universe happily together for a lifetime.


Future love match! You heard it here first!

The Lopez Otero sisters looked super adorbs on Halloween, BTW.

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Happy Halloween 🎃 #Zoe #Bianca

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And we’re on baby watch for Aria Callejon Ponsati. Won’t be long now.

– Lozil

One Response to “Thursday Training, Talented Offspring & A Future Love Match?”

  1. watishistacorrespondents November 5, 2016 at 7:24 am #

    I’m playing catch up! This post just made my day! Woobins!

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