Ready For Sevilla (Again) & Sergio Dramz

15 Jan

_he10546thumbThe team is all ready to meet Sevilla for the second time this week.


They had their final session yesterday. Fabio worked out indoors. Bale, Pepe, James and Isco continued their recoveries.


rp_zidane_he22661_hthumbFROM REAL MADRID.COM

Zidane: “We’ve got to show hunger, character, and give it everything we’ve got”
by Alberto Navarro

“Sevilla will make it hard for us, even more so than the other day in the Cup match”, said the Real Madrid coach.

Zinedine Zidane has appeared in the press room at Real Madrid City the day before the LaLiga clash with Sevilla. The Whites’ coach discussed the game against the Andalusian outfit: “I’m sure we’re going to have a tough match. It’s an environy Ament where they exert a lot of pressure and it’ll definitely be difficult, even more so than the other day. Even if we win tomorrow, nothing will be definitive. I hope it’s a great game for the players and for the fans”.

“Our plan is to keep the ball, but Sevilla will make life hard for us. We’ll have to wait and see how it pans out, but they’ll definitely make it difficult and we’ll have to dig deep, but they will as well. The crucial thing is that we show our hunger, character and give it everything we’ve got”.

Would he take a draw?
“No. I want to play the match tomorrow and we’ll see what happens. I’m only concerned with tomorrow’s game, it’s all I’m focused on. They’re going very well in LaLiga and they’ll want to win it just like us. We’re ready to play”.

Cristiano Ronaldo’s return
“He’s back in the team and he’s looking good. He’s worked hard this week and had a rest day on Thursday. He’s absolutely fine”.

“I don’t see it as a little final because I think we’ll have a lot of finals between now and the end of the season. Tomorrow is first against second and I have no doubt they’ll make it tough for us. We’re on a good run of form and we’ll try and give it everything we’ve got”.

“He’s our captain and he’s an example for everybody, not just inside our dressing room. He’s surely the most iconic player for Spain but what has happened is already in the past. Sevilla and Real Madrid have called for the same thing: complete respect for the players and for football, which is what the people come to see”.

“The matter is closed and we all want to see a good football match. We’ve all called for respect, not just for Sergio, but for all the players. We’re fully focused on the game, all we want is to play and see a football match, there’s no more to it”.

Did you consider leaving Ramos out?
“Sergio is going to be with us and I’ll tell my players and everyone else that they have to keep playing whatever happens because sadly these things will always go on. There’s a lot of people at the ground, and some of them are never going to change, this kind of thing is very frustrating”.

Praise for Asensio
“He’s doing great. He showed it the other day, playing with real character. He knows where he’s at and his role is difficult. He’s very good, just like the rest, he does a great job whenever he plays and that’s fantastic for us”.

Sergio Drama

So, remember this picture? That was Sergio’s goal celebration from the Copa Del Rey match vs. Sevilla. I actually missed his goal (I was in a meeting) but when I saw the celebration, I just assumed it was his “I can’t hear you” one for his mom. Apparently not. Sevilla fans had been jeering him the whole match, which obviously sucks for him because he got his start there and that’s his hometown team. So when he scored, he made that sarcastic gesture. Honestly, when I read about this, I was just like “Pffft. I’ve seen so much worse.” But Sevilla went ballistic and released a statement and wanted him  officially punished. Oy vey.

“Sevilla FC have decided to formally request the Professional Football League (La Liga) that it reports to the RFEF’s Competition Committee and the state’s Anti-Violence Commission the gestures made by Mr. Sergio Ramos during his celebration of a goal in [Thursday’s] match because it could constitute a violation of the RFEF’s Disciplinary Code.

“At the same time, Sevilla FC want to make it clear that this club condemn the insults that the player received, which cannot be justified or protected in any case, and we reiterate that Sevilla fans should eradicate insults to both clubs and opposing players. It is something that only deteriorates the image of the club and can carry serious sanctions.

“Like every match at their stadium and before the visit of Real Madrid, Sevilla FC want their fans to enjoy the football this Sunday and the unique atmosphere of Sanchez Pizjuan, but always with respect and tolerance towards their opponents.

“Football is a show of passion, but violent or discriminatory attitudes of any kind do not fit, crucially because supporting a team does not mean not respecting opponents. In short, to support is not to insult, nor is to insult to support.

“The club remind their fans that they can show their support and make the stadium a boiler that gives wings to the team against Real Madrid without resorting to insults or offensive actions against their opponents.

“To do so would tarnish the traditional values of the club and this sport as a whole, which have done so much good for society.

“Tolerance and respect among fans are an inherent part of football, as is their support, without excluding one thing from the other.

“In this sense, Sevilla FC want to transmit their unwavering commitment against violence and compliance with the laws that regulate the obligations of sports clubs in preventing and eradicating violence, racism, xenophobia and intolerance from sport.”

Sergio apologized and explained himself.

“I came here to play a long time ago, it wasn’t the reception I was hoping for but you have to respect it. I asked for forgiveness and my celebration wasn’t meant as a lack of respect or an insult to anyone. This will always be my home despite those who choose to boo me. I’m not going to change my style of play because my team needs me and I am the captain of Real Madrid. I am both a sevillista and a madridista”.

But Sevilla is not letting it go. Real Madrid jumped into the fray making an official statement.

1. Real Madrid expresses its complete support for our and the Spanish national team’s captain, Sergio Ramos, whose conduct is and has always been exemplary throughout his sporting career, to the point where he now represents a benchmark in values for all fans of football and sport in general.

2. Real Madrid has been uncompromising in applying a zero-tolerance policy towards violence with absolute conviction, acting forcefully to renounce those whose conduct tarnishes the good image that football should project. The sport should be a meeting place and common ground, not an environment of insults, hurling objects or any other manifestation of violence.

3. Real Madrid has always highlighted its willingness to collaborate with other clubs to eradicate violence at football stadiums and we therefore join the call made by Sevilla F.C. in their statement, for the fans attending tomorrow’s game do so to enjoy the sport on a basis of respect and tolerance.

So tomorrow is going to be fun!  But just go in there with your head held high, Sese, and keep that streak going. The best revenge is living – and winning – well.

– Lozil

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