Hey, 40 Is Still A Record & Moving On

16 Jan

_1am0365So yeah, yesterday. That was…unfortunate. 

I’m upset but I can’t fault either team for their good performances. Sometimes football just fucking happens. More than anything I’m feeling for Sergio. First the own goal and then having Sevilla win in patented Ramos fashion: the last minute goal. That had to sting.  I know I wasn’t feeling so thrilled and I’m sure you all weren’t either. But the fact is 40 wins in a row is nothing to sneeze at. We broke the record. It would have been nice if it continued but it didn’t. We just need to move on and focus on the next match.

Post Match Comments


Zidane: “We put in a great performance and came five minutes away from winning”
by Alberto Navarro

“We’re hurting after the defeat, but we’ve got to now turn our attentions to Wednesday’s game”, he added.

Zinedine Zidane took to the media room at the Sánchez Pizjuán to reflect on his side’s encounter against Sevilla. The Whites’ coach expressed his regret at missing out on the three points but was quick to praise to his players’ efforts: “We came five minutes away from winning. The two teams put in a great performance and we just needed to hold on for those five minutes. It’s tough to take after the performance that we put in. The defeat is a bit harsh on us, but that’s the way things go in football and we must continue to perform as we have been up until now. We knew that the run would have to come to an end at some point”.

“We’ve now got to look forwards. We knew that the run would come to an end and all of the games from now on will be tough. It’s a pity that we conceded two goals with just five minutes to go. We’re hurting after the defeat, but we’ve got to now turn our attentions to Wednesday’s game”.

The system
“I was pleased with our performance and the character we showed. Facing the same team three times in quick succession means that we had to change the system, but I’m happy with how the players performed”.

Final minutes
“Their first goal came from a free-kick and the second one came after we lost the ball, but these things happen. We played well for 85 minutes and I’m very proud of my players and what we have achieved during the 40-game unbeaten run. We now have to think about the next game and get up for that one”.

“It’s very difficult now to lift the players after a defeat like that but it wasn’t due to lack of concentration. There are moments within the game and these things can happen over the 90 minutes. It’s what it is and we’ll look at the things we can improve on. I’m a bit disappointed with the two goals”.

“I’ve always said they can fight for the league. I said in the build-up that today was first against second and we’ve seen a great game of football. Sevilla are in the hunt for LaLiga. They play some good football, they fight hard and show intensity in everything they do, you’ve seen that today”.

Will the end of the unbeaten run have an effect?
“I don’t think so. We’ll see on Wednesday because we’re playing every three days. It won’t affect anything, we need to channel this defeat because nobody likes to lose, especially in this manner. That’s football and now we’ve got to rest up”.

“I’m very proud of our captain because he put in a fantastic performance. I’ve got no problem with the goal he scored, that’s just football. He showed real character. Now all that’s left to do is congratulate Sevilla and turn our attentions to the next game”.


Ramos: “We’re top, we have to move on and turn our attentions to the Copa del Rey”

“The team did a great job and we go away with our heads held high”, added Varane.

Sergio Ramos had the following to say to the media at the final whistle at the Sánchez Pizjuán: “It was a really tough game. We knew that we’d face a difficult crowd and come up against opposition who are performing very well. I come away feeling proud of a great Real Madrid performance, but in the final minutes we failed to see the game out”.

“We’ve got to hold our heads up high after having operated under a new system, which saw us have bags of possession and really dominate the play. We can draw positives from it, but it’s a shame that we’ve ended up losing. Now we face the steepest mountain of them all and it’s a case of seeing who gets to the top first and who’s able to hold on in there”.

“I always try to ignore that sort of thing, although I would have preferred to have been given a different sort of welcome. I come away from here feeling proud on a personal level and am also proud of the team. Despite today’s setback, our destiny is still in our own hands, we’re still top. We now have to move on and turn our attentions to the Copa del Rey.

“It was one of my best games, I’ve been jeered more than in any other, but I try to ignore it. I try to give my best and I go away pleased with my attitude today. As captain, I felt the affection of my team, of my fans and now it’s time to move on from it. I’m sad about the loss because these were three important points”.

“I think he’s a fantastic coach and it’s no coincidence that he was successful with Chile and now he’s got Sevilla fighting at the top. I wish him all the best, I like people who tackle things head on”.

Varane: “This team has character”
“The result is a shame. The team did a great job and we go away with our heads held high. The coach decided to play with this system, which we’ve been working on all week, but we just came up a bit short in terms of achieving a positive result. Football is all about the small margins and we won’t let our heads drop, this team has character and we’re going to fight until the end”.

“The team did a great job and we go away with our heads held high”, added Varane.


Marcelo: “We gave it our all but it just wasn’t meant to be”

“It was a difficult place to come, against a tough side, and we were winning up to the 85th minute”, said Keylor Navas.

Marcelo reflected on the side’s visit to Sevilla in the following terms: “We put in a good performance, but we took our foot of the gas after we went ahead. It’s tough to take when you let points slip like we have done here. They got the equaliser and made things tough for us. That gave them a lift and they went on to get a second”.

“We gave our all right until the end, but it just wasn’t meant to be. I think that the team put in a great display. We now need to look at the mistakes we made, because there’s still a lot of football to be played and we have to learn from our mistakes”.

Navas: “Regardless of the result, it was a great game”
“We’re pleased with the work we did. We have to focus on how we played, the team has put in a great performance, regardless of the result. It was a difficult place to come, against a tough side, and we were winning up to the 85th minute.

“We have to be conscious that games can last longer and we can’t let our guard down at any moment. They had the ball but weren’t creating any chances of note. We looked solid as a unit and perhaps we were comfortable at certain moments and weren’t as focused as we should have been”.

“We lost the match, we have to learn from it, we can’t let it affect our motivation. I got a hand to the last goal but it wasn’t enough which is disappointing”.

Carvajal: “We lost but we’re in a positive dynamic”
“We played a disciplined match, especially defensively, and we switched off for five minutes and the three points got away from us, but we’re in a positive dynamic. LaLiga is competitive, there’s a lot of matches still to play and the schedule gets heavier all the time. We need to keep picking up the three points to stay at the top and win titles”.

League leaders
“We remain top, which is all down to the hard work we’ve been putting in since the start of the season. There’s still a lot to play for in the league and there are a lot of points at stake. We now have to turn our attentions to Wednesday’s game against Celta, who are tough opposition, and try to put ourselves into a commanding position in the tie”.

The penalty
“It was a piece of play in which I slipped the ball through and ran onto it and Rico came out and pushed it out of play, but he makes contact with me and it was a penalty”.

Boos for Ramos
“He’s played too many games to allow a bit of booing affect him. He’s a local and it’s difficult, but he’s got enough experience to know how to deal with it. It’s not fair”.

And so we move on… Our next match is on the 18th vs. Celta in the Copa Del Rey.


The team had their recovery session and began prep for the match Thursday. (Video)

The starters did running drills and then worked indoors. Enzo and Abner joined the session with the rest of the first team. Gareth & Pepe continued their recovery efforts.

– Lozil

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