Ready For Malaga

20 Jan

_3am4610Y’all my heart is so heavy today, I can barely function. The Sweaty Shanks Peña is on their way over to my house to make protest signs for the march tomorrow and that’s all I can focus on. But I’m going to take a few minutes of solace in staring at our boys. Maybe that will cheer me up. 


The team had one final training session before tomorrow’s match. James stayed indoors. Isco, G-Money and Pepe continued working on their recovery. (Video)



Zidane: “We need to keep plugging away and turn this around”
by Alberto Navarro | Photographer: Angel Martinez

“I am not afraid of pressure, it has made me stronger and helped me to grow every day”, added the Real Madrid coach.

Zinedine Zidane appeared at the press room at Real Madrid City prior to tomorrow’s game against Málaga (Saturday, 4:15pm CET). The coach spoke about the LaLiga match day 19 fixture: “We have the game to play straight away and that is good because we want to change things from the last two games. We are ready and despite the lack of recovery time, we are going to go into the game looking to give it our all right from the start. We are not going to change our ideas on how we should play. We have to do the business on the pitch. I have watched a lot of Málaga’s games. Their results have not been favourable, but they are a good team, well organised and they know how to play. Our opponents always make life hard for us”.

“My mindset is always centred around work because this is football. Sometimes you face adversity and you have to overcome that and keep moving forward. We have to work, with a focus on the thigs we can do better. Recetly we’ve been scoring and also conceding. We need to be more focussed in every single piece of play and that is all there is to it. I am not worried”.

Looking for solutions
“We are going through a difficult moment in general. We have only lost two games and will not be changing anything. People are always going to talk when we lose and we have to accept that. We need to keep plugging away and turn this around. Perhaps we had to lose those two games whilst in a good moment in order for us to get back on track with things and start winning, get our confidence back and keep chipping away”.

Cristiano Ronaldo
“He is always going to come in for criticism, but he is used to that. He has turned his attentions to tomorrow’s game he’s focussed on that and nothing more. He is doing well and will always be a game changer for us. It is vital for us to keep up the hard graft out on the pitch. He always, always wins. The problems arise when he doesn’t score because we are used to him being the sole player to make the difference. Hopefully we can approach the situation calmly”.

“He played as a centre-forward the other day because we put Asensio and Lucas Vázquez in to give more space and send crosses in. We know how he has played his whole life. He is capable of playing anywhere but he prefers to play out on the left and that is not going to change. We don’t have to get worked up over that”.

“I am not worried, i think we are playing well. As I said the first half was unusual and we looked a little off when we went into it, but looking back that wasn’t really the case. We made a couple of errors and the opposition knew how to make the most of both of them. I’m not going to criticise anyone. You can think certain things after losing two games in a row, but In football it is consistency which helps you to improve. I’m not going to obsess over it. We will keep working hard and turn it around. It has happened plenty of times before and we always do the upmost to go forward and win”.

“The treatment he is getting is unfair, especially what people are saying and writing about him. He is a professional and he always delivers. You can do things well or badly, but I think he is playing well. Obviously he has room to improve, but everyone does. I love seeing a player like him give 100% every single day”.

“We all want to see Danilo playing at his very best and he is working in order to do that. I think the fans will get behind him and the rest of the team. He has the support of his teammates and the coach. I have 1.000% faith in him because he is a player I really love”.

Feeling the pressure
“We have to give 100% in each play and every game. As a former player I know that there are going to be difficult moments, but I am sure we are going to forget this moment. When you sign for this club you know that there will be pressure, but that is what has made me stronger and helped me to grow every day. I am not afraid of pressure. Pressure helps me to perform better. I am very happy with what I am doing and will be happy until I leave”.

“He still has a few problems, but hopefully he will be back with us by Monday. We have had to deal with a lot of injuries from knocks, but no real muscle injuries. I hope James can return to the fold on Monday. The doctors and physios are doing great work with the players who are still injured”.

“He is training well and now it’s time for some others to get a chance. he is focussed, training and ready to do his bit for the team. We’ll see how we play tomorrow”.

Call Ups

The following players were called up for the match:

Goalkeepers: Navas, Casilla and Yáñez.
Defenders: Ramos, Varane, Nacho, Marcelo and Danilo.
Midfielders: Kroos, Casemiro, Kovacic, Modric, Asensio and Isco.
Forwards: Cristiano Ronaldo, Benzema, Lucas Vázquez, Mariano and Morata.


morata-maverick-vinales-mahou_3am9590_hthumbFROM REALMADRID.COM

Morata: “Playing at the Bernabéu was always my dream”

Álvaro Morata featured alongside the motorcyclsist Maverick Viñales in a Cinco Estrellas Mahou interview. The youth team player spoke about his experience at Real Madrid: “When I was younger I used to go to the Bernabéu with my parents and family and i remember one day watching el Clásico and saying to my dad: ‘One day I’m going to play in one of these games here’. And having done so, I can say it’s one of the greatest feelings you can ever have. It’s true that Juventus also have an incredible stadium, but this is the Bernabéu… you see photos and it gives you goosebumps. It was always my dream and I’ve been fortunate enough to see it come true”.

“The great thing about football is that everyone follows a different team, but we are lucky enough to be associated with Real Madrid. I was a ball by when I was little and sometimes when I play now against defenders and they kick me, I say: ‘I was once your ball boy’. After that they don’t kick me anymore”.

“It really is incredible to be able to compete against your idols and even play alongside them. There are moments when I’m on the pitch or in the dressing room and I turn to my teammates and say: ‘I was there at your official presentation as a player’. We are really lucky”.

“I have been lucky enough to win titles at both Real Madrid and Juventus, but my dream, other than winning another Champions League with Real Madrid, would be to win anything with the national side, and even more so now after what we have all seen the greatest generation in the history of Spanish football do”.

“I would love to win something, but I know it would be really difficult because there is no improving on what these great players have achieved. At the very most you can try to equal their achievements. It won’t just be a case of dreaming, but trying and giving it my all”.

“When you play you have a routine which helps you concentrate, they can be little specifics to do with your boots, your hair… I can be really particular about some things. Time goes by quickly and sometimes you have to stop and remind yourself that what you’re doing is also what you love and that millions of people never get these same opportunities”.


Let’s get in there and turn things around, Los Blancos!

– Lozil

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