Second Session Of The Week Along With Some Cake, Pork Loin & A Drone

1 Feb

_7am6057thumbThe team continued their preparations for Sunday’s match vs. Celta

Castilla’s Enzo, Achraf, Tejero and Quezada joined the first team for the session. Sergio stayed indoors. Lukita, Dani & Marcelo did some work on the pitch while Gareth continues his recovery work. (Video)

All sorts of interesting tidbits… First off Pirata & Sergio hugging after the match on Sunday.  ::sniffle::

tumblr_okkapvzyg81rjev45o1_1280And then this lovely shot of him shirtless…

tumblr_okkacbylhi1rjev45o1_1280And what is he carrying? Turns out that he traded his shirt for some pork loin in lard. I am NOT kidding. I love him.

And check out this cute little video featuring our captains…

If I am reading this article correctly, these videos are personalized and sent to socios on their birthday. This one was for Anselmo’s 68th. Is that correct, Spanish speakers? Pretty neat, if so!

Cristiano dealt sudden and less than merciful death to several drones in this video.

Damn, he is accurate! (Good for us, of course) And just because he’s Cristiano, we also got this photo. So him.

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Anyhow, on that note, it’s time for me to get some sleep.

Hala Madrid!

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