Ready To Meet Celta

4 Feb

ga_08_1rm1440thumbLos Blancos are all ready to face Celta away tomorrow. But first, a bit of a catch up from yesterday.

Friday Training

Saturday Training

The final training session took place today. Everyone was called up for the session. Lukita worked out indoors while Gareth and Dani continued their recovery work. (Video)


rp-1_1rm1516thumbFROM REALMADRID.COM

Zidane: “We are ready for another difficult game against Celta”

“We want to put in a good performance; we are top of the league and have to show that at all times”, he added.

Zidane spoke today at Real Madrid City about the game against Celta on Sunday (8:45pm CET) which will see the Whites look to consolidate their place at the top of the league: “I think it will be another difficult game, it is a difficult place to go and play and they know how to play. They have some great players. We know what lies ahead but we are more than ready for it”.

“It will different to the Copa tie and perhaps we’ll be playing a Celta side with the same ideas but different players. We know it will be a challenge, what we want to do is keep moving forward and play well. It is LaLiga, we are top of the league and need to show that at all times”.

Key game
“Every game, every time we win and get points is important for us. This isn’t going to be the only difficult place we come to play. Their team will put us to the test but the good thing is we have had a good week, working hard with our focus on this game. We are happy because there is not long to go till we get to play”.

“The idea is to have everyone back next week. Perhaps we won’t have Gareth, because we have to take things a little slower with him. With Luka Modric we will wait until next week and Pepe has already returned to training”.

Celta’s squad rotation
“We have a LaLiga game that is important for both sides. It doesn’t really matter who they put out because Celta have a great squad, just like ours. ‘m going into this focussing on it as a tough game”.

“Pepe is here, he has recovered. He was out for a while with the injury but he’s better and is happy. With Pepe we have to take it step by step. He is not focussing on June, just focussing on the present day here in Madrid. We are simply looking at the time he has between now and June because that is key for him, for us and for the club”.

“We shall see what happens. Given what he has done for the club you have to respect whatever happens with him. Obviously, I want Pepe to stay until he’s ready to go. He has been and still is a vital component within the team. So clearly we want him to stay”.

Lucas in place of Bale
“I’m happy with Lucas, he has done really well in spite of injuries. I hate seeing players get injured. If we can get Gareth back soon I’ll be thrilled. Lucas is doing well and there are others who can do a job. We are a complete squad and we are in good shape, we always look out for one another. I could field any selection of players, and that is vital in a squad”.

“He is focussed on the job at hand. Obviously, he wants to play more, just as they all do. He will get more game time before the season is out. I’m not thinking about his future or his possible exit, because this is his home. I am in charge and have to make decisions, but he is here and giving his all to this project”.

Isco’s future
“I am satisfied, perhaps he could give more though. He is doing well and the kind of player who can make the difference. I don’t want to talk about the future, just what he is doing now. He is part of this project and I only want to talk about this season, anything more is irrelevant”.

Benzema and Cristiano
“We can play with them both up front but I think Cristiano’s best position is out on the left. The combo of Karim and Cristiano can give us more. We know this and we want to see more from them. Having said that, they train well and it’s a case of seeing them score more in games. That is what a coach wants, to see his players score. I am not concerned if in one game we don’t get that. Sometimes it happens. Tomorrow is another game where we can achieve this and we have to go into it strong ”.

“Cristiano is doing well. His favourite place is out on the left wing. That is the position I see him in but in some games he could perhaps play elsewhere in order to be more in the game or rest more. Everyone wants him to keep scoring 50 or 60 goals and I see him out on the left”.

– Lozil

One Response to “Ready To Meet Celta”

  1. jellyace February 5, 2017 at 5:01 am #

    The match is postponed due to storm damage to the roof of Celta’s stadium. I guess the team gets a sudden Sunday off. But this puts them 2 matches behind (including vs Valencia moved to Feb 22) than the other teams.

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