Ready For Espanyol

17 Feb

_n0y8892thumbThe boys are all ready for tomorrow’s match against Espanyol.

We’ll see our old pal DLo, a Morata start and hopefully, some quality G-Money action.


Castilla’s Enzo joined the session again. Danilo, Sergio & Fabio worked out indoors.


_n0y9540_hthumbFROM REALMADRID.COM

Zidane: “The squad are ready for anything”

“Espanyol have had great results recently and we know it will be difficult, but that is how it is going to be every three days and we are focussed”, he added.

Zidane spoke to the press at Real Madrid City ahead of tomorrow’s game against Espanyol (Saturday 4:15pm CET). The coach, who confirmed that Morata would start and that Bale has returned to the squad, praised the opposition, saying: “Espanyol are a team who have had great results recently. We know that tomorrow will be difficult, but that is how it is going to be every three days and we are focussed”.

“I am managing the team in the best way possible. They are all important and have been training incredibly well. Playing every three days means we need to rotate in order to keep things fresh. It is vital to be able to switch things around from time to time. This will be my message from now until the end of the season and the squad and are ready for everything”.

“Bale is back with us now. He will feature in the squad tomorrow and I’d like to give him some minutes. He is raring to go and get back into things and we’re happy that almost all of the players are back. We have two or three players with a few knocks. They aren’t important injuries, but they are knocks”.

“We all know Gareth. He really is key for us. He has quality, speed and we are aware of the damage he can do to the opposition. We’re all happy and him especially as he’s coming back into the fold and getting back to playing. He is really excited”.

Support of Bernabéu
“The atmosphere in the Bernabéu is as it always is. The fans were fantastic the other night, they give us a boost and gives us a lot of energy”.

“We check to see if the players are at 100% every time they play. We will see what we do tomorrow. Fábio is one of the players carrying a knock. The problem for him is that after so much time injured you think you’re doing well but there are still are few niggling issues. He wants to come back into the fold and hopefully it is only a matter of days”.

“We think, as does Cristiano, that he is always going to score goals. That is not going to change. But he can do other things. He is not just a goal scorer; he links up with others, assists and plays the game”.

Barcelona in the Champions League
“It won’t change a thing. We don’t look at what the others are doing, just at what we’re doing. The defeat was down to PSG being in great form and Barcelona not being in such good form. There will also be a return leg and they have to play it. We know that Barcelona are a great team and they can do things in this competition”.

Sergio Ramos
“Ramos just took a knock, there is no injury there. He will be with us on Monday without any issues”.

“I didn’t like him being away. Álvaro has come back home. He has had some game time, albeit less than Karim. Tomorrow he will be starting and I know it won’t be the last time he starts a game. He is like the others. There are going to be players who play more than others. No one can change this”.

“The other day I saw the same Karim as before. The only thing is that he scored. Perhaps he was better defensively and moved better, but he looks the same as ever. He is working hard and taking responsibility. He scored the other day and could have scored more. He scores goals but knows how to do other things as well”.

“We shall see what we do with the players. They are all key components. We know how much time each of them have played. We have to look at each circumstance and each case. With regard to tomorrow, I won’t tell you anything more than Morata starting, I won’t say who else will play”.

“These three players are all very good. We will continue to talk about the BBC because they are available. They all know what they are capable of on the pitch. I am happy to have them all available and hope it stays that way until the end of the season”.

Call Ups

The following players were called up for the match:

Goalkeepers: Casilla, Yáñez and Luca Zidane.
Defenders: Carvajal, Pepe, Varane, Nacho and Marcelo.
Midfielders: Kroos, Kovacic, Casemiro, Asensio, Isco and James.
Forwards: Cristiano Ronaldo, Bale, Lucas Vázquez, Morata and Mariano.


G-Money’s Recovery

Looking forward to the match tomorrow!

– Lozil

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