They’re Not The Only Ones Who Need A Recovery Session

2 Mar

_2rm0267Whoa Nelly! That was some Class A One clusterfuckery yesterday, was it not? I find our team…confusing… at the moment. I was at work but had the match up on one of my monitors. I swear, I would look away for a couple of minutes to take a call or something and I’d come back to something horrible: A Las Palmas goal, Bale being sent off, a missed chance, Morata’s hat trick of disallowed goals…. It was most unpleasant. By the time it was over (thank you Cristiano for saving our bacon), I needed a recovery session.

The team got theirs today, kinda. They began preparing for Saturday’s match away vs. Eibar.  The starters trained at a “lower intensity”  Toni, G-Money, Nacho, Marcelo and Morata did some running on the pitch. Castilla’s Enzo, Achraf, Tejero and Valverde joined the session. Fabio trained indoors and The Baby continues his recovery. (Video)

Let’s hope that the Eibar match goes better than yesterday. Because…lawd.

– Lozil

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