Ready For Sporting Gijón

15 Apr

Mmmm, indeed. That’s our boys in a nutshell.

Well, I didn’t manage to post this before midnight (I’ve got a stinking cold and my whole sleep cycle is off) so it’s already game day. Here’s what the guys did yesterday in preparation for the match.


Castilla’s Tejero joined the first team for the session. G-Money worked out indoors while Pepe and The Baby continued their recovery.



Zidane: “We’re going to have to produce another great performance if we’re to put any points on the board in Gijón”

“I see the team as being very focused and I’m proud of the work put in by the players day in, day out”, declared the Whites’ coach.

Zinedine Zidane took to the media room at Real Madrid City to preview his side’s clash against Sporting Gijón at El Molinón (4:15pm CEST): “They’re dangerous opposition because they’re a Primera Division side. They’re a team that have perhaps struggled throughout the season, but in any given game they can cause you problems. We know that it’s a very important game and we’re going to have to produce a great performance if we’re to put any points on the board”.

“Bale won’t feature tomorrow. We’ll have to see what his injury is. We’ll be monitoring his progress every day and we’ll see if he’s fit in time for Tuesday. I hope that he’s back with us shortly. He has some swelling to his soleus, it’s a muscular issue on the area he was operated on. I’m worried about it because I don’t like to see players out injured and all the more so during the run-in. He was excited after having spent three months out, but he knows that it’s not a serious one, it’s just a setback”.

“We have to be pleased that he says he’ll be firing on all cylinders for the end of the season. He’s fine, very up for it and few players are going to manage to score 100 goals in European competitions”.

“He’s in good shape. He knows how important it is to head into the business end of the season, when we’re playing every three days, in good form”.

Goalscoring run
“The most important thing is that we’ve got players with extraordinary quality. It’s true that we always strive for more as coaches and players, we’re always after more chances and goals, but what I’m sure of is that there’s that much quality in the squad that all of them are capable of scoring goals, you can see that in every game. It’s all down to the fact that we work on it a lot in training. The hard we worker, the easier it will be for us to achieve the record”.

“I’m pleased with the work being put in by the players on a daily basis. Today in training I saw the squad as being really on it and focused. It was a very high-intensity 45-50-minute session, just like they all are. I’ve got a group of very professional players and it’s a pleasure to work with them every day”.

“We’ve got some issues because we’ve got injured players, but there are others who are ready to come in. We’ll go with the players that we’ve got and hope that nobody else picks up an injury”.

Victories against high-profile opposition
“I think that it’s in this club’s DNA and part of Real Madrid’s history. We know that the tougher things are, the greater our commitment levels. The players are the first ones to show this day in, day out and it’s part of the club’s identity. That’s why we’re pleased when these sorts of key games come along at the end of the season”.

“He’s prepared. He’s ready to play for 10 or 90 minutes or even just a minute. He’s very focused and that’s positive. I’ll be looking to Marco and all of the players. They’re all training well, are focused and in the run-in we have to be really on it”.

“He’ll be with us tomorrow. He’s giving himself a hard time, but he’s doing better now and tomorrow he’ll get the chance to be with us. We’ll have to see whether he plays tomorrow. He’s in the squad because he’s training very well and hasn’t got any niggles or anything”.

Attack in Dortmund
“The problem is that it’s not a straightforward issue. I’m in no position to be offering an opinion on it. They took the decision to play the game and everybody is entitled to their opinion. I imagine that the fact that the game was played was because the security was all under control”.

Call Ups

The following players were called up for the match:

Goalkeepers: Casilla and Yáñez.
Defenders: Ramos, Nacho, Marcelo, Coentrão, Danilo and Tejero.
Midfielders: Kroos, James, Casemiro, Kovacic, Modric, Asensio and Isco.
Forwards: Lucas Vázquez, Mariano and Morata.


The team made the journey to Asturias and the crowds went wild for them!


Bromancin’ BFFs Isco & Morata were chosen to meet with the fans at the NH Gijón hotel, where the team is headquartered during their visit.

And now time for me to get some rest – kick off is in just over 9 hours!

– Lozil

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