Easter Sunday Training

16 Apr

First off, Happy Easter! Also, Chag Sameach to those celebrating Passover.  And now may I take a quick minute to sing the praises of Isco? Isco, Isco, Isco!

That child saved our ass in vintage Sergio Ramos fashion yesterday. He had a beautiful game. Some of his runs were just ridiculously delicious. I thought Ray Hudson was going to wet his pants during the commentary. He always fanboys hard for Isco, his “bandy-legged beauty” but it was off the charts yesterday. I was right there with him. Want to melt even more? Check out this video (with English subtitles) of why he did a particular goal celebration yesterday. It’s so sweet.  Manar and her folks must have been so thrilled.

Anyhow, ISCO. But back to training because this week is going to be nuts. We have Bayern on Wednesday and the Clasico on Sunday. Urgh.

Yesterday’s starters (with the exception of Sergio, Fabio and Isco who stayed indoors) did a low intensity session on the pitch.  The rest of the team trained along with Castilla’s Enzo and Tejero. The Baby worked on his own outdoors. Pepe and Bale continued their recovery. No G-Money for Bayern and the Clasico. Urgh. (Video)

Oh and Los Blancos will play the MLS All Stars in Chicago on August 2nd as part of the summer tour. Let’s hope they don’t jack the tickets up to the shameful levels they did with the Miami Clasico. I’ve been saving up a rant on that.

And now back to work for me. The food isn’t going to cook itself and I have guests arriving in a couple of hours. Happy Sunday!

– Lozil

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