More Clasico Prep & It’s Atleti

21 Apr

Clasico prep continues with just two days until we face our eternal rival.

The big news is that The Baby trained with the group for the the first part of the session and then went indoors. Castilla’s Enzo joined the first team for the training. Pepe continued his recovery. (Video)

Everyone has El Clasico fever. Audi has put out a new commerical – I love the Madridista grannies. That will be me and Shigs 40 years from now.

And Twitter has released El Clasico emojis. The ones of the players are…challenging.

Cristiano is probably thinking “Great, ANOTHER thing that doesn’t look like me!” Alot of the player icons look similar, they just have different hairdos like Messi nd Sergio. They have the same shape head as Benz. I notice that they got Chompers’ teeth in there. Not big enough, IMHO. And what’s with all the red noses? Are they implying alcohol abuse?! Anyhow, I’ll probably only be using the Hala Madrid hash tag anyhow.

And we also found out our next opponent in the Champions League and it’s Atleti. Urgh. They have quite a grudge to settle with us so it’s going to be tough going. They will be even more motivated than usual. I mean, yeah, of course they want to make it into the Champions League final (who doesn’t?) but if they can us out in the process? Well, we would never hear the end of it. But we’re not going to let that happen, now are we? We’ll just have to kick their arses right back across town.  First leg is May 2 t the Bernabeu and second is on May 10 at the Vicente Calderón.

And now it’s time for Shigs and I to eat pizza and make signs for tomorrow’s March for Science. We will be sashaying down the streets of NYC with our nerd sisters and brothers.  Please get out there and show your support! There are currently 609 satellite marches worldwide and it’s also Earth Day so give Gaia some love tomorrow!


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