Ready For Deportivo, A Birthday & A Very Famous Visitor

25 Apr

Los Blancos had their final training session before tomorrow’s match vs. Deportivo away.


Castilla’s Enzo joined the training session.  Sergio and Fabio worked indoors. Pepe and Bale (who is injured again – why the fuck did we risk him on Sunday? I know that it was the Clasico but geez…) continued with their recovery.



Zidane: “We’re in good shape and don’t have to rely on anyone else in the fight for the league”
by Javier Garcia | Photographer: Angel Martinez

“We are focused on what we have to do and we’re only thinking about Riazor”, said the coach.

Zidane analysed the match against Deportivo, which will be played this Wednesday (9:30pm CEST) in the Riazor stadium. The coach explained how his team is going in to the game: “We are in good shape and we’re only thinking about tomorrow’s game. We are focused on what we have to do. We’ll do our best to try to get the three points”.

“I don’t feel obliged to nothing, only to giving our best every day. That’s our obligation. In football you can’t speculate. We have our destiny in our hands, we’re not relying on no one and we’ll try to do our best to win tomorrow”.

“He’s hurt himself but he was 100%. In the two training session he trained normally. Then that happened, but it’s something that can’t be avoided. Players want to play. When you’ve had a long term injury, its difficult when you come back. You train and there can be other pains. Hopefully he’s not out long, it’s an injury but it’s not serious and we’re going to try to have him back quickly”.

If I could do it again I’d do the same thing. He trained normally and wasn’t in pain. The important thing is that there is clarity between the two of us. I trust what the players tell me and he was ok. He hurt himself and we can’t be happy. Hopefully he’s back with us soon”.

Timeframe for Bale
“I hope he’s with us before the end of the league. You tell me that its grade 2, but it’s the same. The doctors tell me things, it’s a small thing and we’ll see if he’s with us soon. We will see how things go day to day. I trust the people who work here. Everyone wants to play in the games. Everyone else was motivated and wanted to play in the game, it’s normal”.

“These things happen. It would have been better not to have lost, but in the end they were three points. We lost them but tomorrow we have three new points to fight for and we’re only thinking about that game. Now they’re only saying that Barcelona will win the league and Real Madrid are not worth anything. I know and so do you that this is not true. We can’t prevent people from talking. I tell my players that we don’t have to change anything in what we’re doing. We must continue working hard and moving forward. You can lose games in football”.

“I would not change anything at all. We had a great game. Mistakes were made, but I’ll not change anything. We took a risk in what we did. In the eyes of the rest of the world, the two teams had a great game. They won and that’s it. I don’t like to lose, but I’ll not change anything”.

Physical state
“I don’t think we’re tired. I saw a great game against Barcelona. Physically I saw the team in very good shape, like against Bayern. The team is in good shape and very focused”.

Team talk
“There are always chats with all the players. I’ve been at Real Madrid 17 years and in football for 25 years. It’s normal what happens every time we lose a game. We’re used to it and all we can do is continue with the same ideas and the same fight. We have a difficult match tomorrow against a difficult opponent and in a difficult field. It’s going to be the same from now until the end of the season. We’ve got six league games and at most three in the Champions League and we’re going to try to do our best”.

“This is how it is. We have to put up with the criticism. When we play well, we are happy with what they say about us. When we lose we have to accept criticism. Sometimes you’re angrier than others and it makes you keener to think about the next game. I’m happy that we’re doing our day to day work well”.

Isco’s renewal?
“Isco is a Real Madrid player and I hope he stays, but I have no news about that”.

“He’s no longer in pain. He’s training with us and he’ll be with us tomorrow. He’s good physically and has trained normally. You’ll see the line-up tomorrow. There is no mismanagement. The management is very good. Tomorrow Varane will be fine and if a player gets injured, that’s it, it’s part of the game. We try to get the players right, but injuries are part of a player’s life”.

The team’s finishing
“We’re missing a lot of chances, but that’s part of football. It’s worrying if you’re not creating chances. With the chances we have we need to kill off the matches and score more goals. We’ll continue and try to rectify this”.

Happy Birthday Varane!

The Baby turns 24 today! Hard to believe, isn’t it? A lot has happened in his six seasons with us. And he became a daddy this year! Amazing. Feliz cumpleaños Raphaël !

A Visit From Pretty Woman

And guess who got her Clasico on? None other than Julia Roberts! She was at the Bernabeu with her family for the match and was fangirling hardcore. Can you blame her?  There’s something about this team that rattles the cool of everyone. They’re just so damn awesome!

– Lozil

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