Prepping For Valencia

27 Apr

Yesterday was pretty damn eventful, wasn’t it? A total goal fest and Tejero’s official debut with the first team (mazel tov!). However, the team had to get right back to work as we finish off this month’s punishing schedule. 


Yesterday’s starters did some running outside before moving indoors to work. The rest of the team, joined by Castilla’s Valverde, Enzo, Lienhart and Tejero, did a session on the pitch.  Fabio, Gareth & Pepe continued their recoveries.

Campo de Estrellas with Nacho


Nacho: “The only time I’ve cried over football was when we won La Undécima”

The academy graduate was the star of the latest episode of the ‘Campo de Estrellas’ program on Realmadrid TV.

Nacho was the star of the latest episode of Realmadrid TV’s Campo de Estrellas program. The academy graduate reflected on his footballing career and some of the key moments in his life: “A kid coming to Real Madrid at 10 years old could never even imagine the things that I’m experiencing now. My parents told me to enjoy every training session and every game, because they were special moments that very few kids would have the chance to experience, and I’ve been lucky enough to live this dream”.

Birth of his second child and La Undécima
“When we won it, I think that’s the only time I’ve ever cried over football, from all the tension that I’d built up in my body. The day began in the best possible way, with Nachito, and everyone congratulated me at breakfast. Then it got even better. I remember when Cristiano scored the final penalty, everyone ran over to celebrate and I stayed on the goal line to say thank you because everything had gone perfectly. The joy was overwhelming”.

First team debut
“Mourinho called and told me I was going to start at the weekend. I couldn’t believe it. I was tense all week… even more so since it was at the Mestalla, a huge game. I remember that day as one of the best, and we won, got a fantastic result. We put in a brilliant performance and I played a decent game”.

“I was 12 years old, I’d been in the youth system for two years, and the day they diagnosed me was one of the worst of my life. The first thing they told me was to forget about football, but then the specialist told me football was vital”.

“It’s normal for me now after so many years. It’s an illness that doesn’t deprive me of anything and I look after myself better. You can still do anything, as well as football I ride my bike, run, I do duathlons… I like all sorts”.

Trials at the old Sports City
“It was incredibly exciting for me. There were 40 kids there on a 7-a-side pitch and I remember how everything came off brilliantly that day. The game ended, they called my dad and told him they wanted me at Real Madrid”.

Promotion with Castilla
“Taking Castilla up is special. You’re at an elite club, just one step away from the first team. It was one of my best years at Real Madrid. Everything went so well, we knew we were going to go up, it was a wonderful year, I’d love to relive it”.

His footballing brother, Álex
“We’ve always played together our whole lives. The Alcoyano game was a memorable day, we both played from the start and we won. It was very special, particularly for my parents. It was special to play against him, too. It was at the Bernabéu, in the Copa del Rey against Espanyol, although it’s strange to see your brother in a different shirt, lining up against you”.

Interests and personal life
“I’m a homely guy, family oriented. I’m very calm, I like going to the cinema, going out for dinner and historic novels, especially those about Rome. I love those battles that then motivate you to go out and play in top-level games. I’m also lucky to be surrounded by humble people, both my friends and family, and that’s very important in life”.

Next up is Saturday’s match vs. Valencia

– Lozil

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