The Final Week Of La Liga Is Upon Us!

15 May

Don’t know about you but yesterday was a huge weight off my mind. I was so nervous before the game and didn’t stop being stressed until the final whistle. 



Those who started yesterday did a lower intensity workout on the pitch with the exception of James, who stayed indoors. Also inside was Fabio. Castilla Muppet Babies Lienhart, Lin, Quezada, Nikos and Mario were called up for the session. Bale & Carvajal continue their recoveries.  (Video)

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Hala Madrid !! Con el Capi !!

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Our Capi reminds us that this is a decisive week.

I’ve gotten to the point where I’ve turned into RuPaul where Real Madrid is concerned.

BTW, if you watch RuPaul’s Drag Race (I do. Religiously.), right afterward is my guilty pleasure, Fire Island. FI is a reality show about a bunch of muscly hot gay dudes in a house share for the summer. It’s predictably ridiculous, but there’s one guy who is a dead ringer for Sergio Ramos. I couldn’t believe it when I first saw Cheyenne Parker.

He’s like a Baby Sergio! Now you might think that is all well and good but he couldn’t possibly match Sergio in the body department but that would be an incorrect assumption.

He’s got about 100% less shite tats though. However, his personality isn’t even 1/8 as endearing as Sergio’s and I’ve yet to see him drop anything so I’ll stick with the Ramos, but hello! He sure is pretty.

A Milestone

Hard to believe but yesterday was Casemiro’s 100th match for Real Madrid!


Casemiro: “It’s a dream for me to reach 100 games at Real Madrid”

“I want to continue working hard and enjoying the day to day in order to play more matches with this shirt”, added the Brazilian.
Casemiro played his 100th match for Real Madrid against Sevilla. “I’m very happy and it’s a dream for me to reach 100 games”, he said. “When you’re a child, you couldn’t imagine reaching that milestone with this club”.

“I want to continue working hard and enjoying the day to day in order to play more matches. Playing with the Real Madrid shirt on is a dream and I can’t choose a match, they’re all important. From the first to the one yesterday, when I played the hundredth, they’re all important to me.

Mazel tov! Looking forward to one week from now when all we need to concentrate on is the Champions League final (Like that’s not any pressure…). It will be nice to just focus on one thing.

– Lozil

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