Time To Celebrate #33

22 May

I love these goofballs! So many great pictures and videos from the celebrations…

Post-match madness

I love how Lukita is riling the guys up. It’s always the quiet ones!


Back in Madrid, it was time for some open bus action and off key singing. And kisses. Lots of kisses. This was just the start.

While G-Money may not have been able to help out on the pitch last night, he manage to save Toni Kroos from being decapitated on the bus ride, so that definitely earned him brownie points. Glad someone was facing forward.

And now it was time to drape the goddess in RM colors. And I would know that off key singing of We Are the Champions anywhere. ::cough:: Cris ::cough::

Sergio and Marcelo did a bit better, but Sergio does not have a future as a cameraman as evidenced below. I recommend that he sticks to his day job. (You too, Crispy).

Here’s the full celebration at Cibeles.

Presentation of the La Liga Trophy

Today the team went to both Town Hall and the Community of Madrid to present the trophy.

And if you haven’t seen yet, Keylor shaved his head.

He said that if we won he promised God that he would do this in tribute to children with cancer. What a sweet man.

There will be more celebration action to come (and hopefully another visit to Cibeles very, very soon).

But now it’s time for me to go to bed. Yesterday and today were long, long days!


– Lozil

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