An Old Friend Returns

26 May

What is that I spy on Sergio? Could it be a headband? Why yes, yes it is. Lordy, we haven’t seen one of those on him in years. I can only see it as a good omen (and a shout out, because clearly he loves watishistas). Feels like an old friend has come back home.


The team continued with prep for the June 3rd Champions League final. Everyone took part in the session today along with Castilla’s Enzo and Quezada.

And Sergio had some tiny, adorable visitors today: Sergio Jr. and Marco!

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Children 👨‍👦‍👦👶🏼👦🏻

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I like Sergio Jr’s sassy little jorts. Can’t wait until he gets into the lime green and leopard print that is clearly his destiny with Sese and Pilar for parents.

The Ramos Rubio woobinses were not the only visitors to training today. Figo stopped by as well!


Figo: “Winning a European Cup is a dream come true”
by Alberto Navarro | Photographer: Angel Martinez

“When you start playing football you always have a moment like this in mind”, added the Portuguese ex-footballer.

Luis Figo went to Real Madrid City and watched the Whites’ third session of the week. The ex-Real Madrid man, star of la Novena talked about the Champions League final in Cardiff: “Winning the European Cup is a dream come true because when you start playing football you always have a moment like that in mind. You’ve seen previous finals on television and it’s a dream come true to be able to win this trophy”.

“There are still a few days to go before the Champions League final and it would have been better if it was played before because in the end there’re always nerves as you’re waiting for the day to come around. You have to prepare for it as well as possible after a tough season”.

“A footballer should be prepared as much as possible to go in to a big game and try to perform at the highest level possible because winning another European Cup is a dream and you work all year to achieve it”.

“He looks calm and happy to me after winning the 33rd league title. He’s satisfied with the season and what he has achieved, but you know that he is always a calm man and he’s already preparing for the Champions League final.



Zidane: “It will be a wonderful final between two teams that deserve to be there”

“We’re ready and we’ll have to work hard and try to give everything, as always”, added the Real Madrid coach.

In an official UEFA interview, Zidane spoke about the Champions League final. The Real Madrid coach highlighted that the game “will be special” because he played for Juventus and he had this to say about the Italian side. “Juventus are having a great season, but I’ll not talk about their strengths or their weaknesses. We know they are a great team and they’ve shown it. It will be a wonderful final between two teams that deserve to be there”.

No one has won the Champions League for two consecutive years. Is it an extra source of motivation?
No, The motivation simply comes from the fact that we are playing another Champions League final. Something wonderful independently for us. It will be a tough final and we’ll have to work hard and try to find that extra energy to have a good performance. I think we’ll be ready.

The most recent experience to compare with Cardiff was the final against Atletico in Milan. What can you take from that game that can help Real Madrid in this new final?
Each final is different. It’s another final against a different team, in a different stadium and a different atmosphere. We know that we’ll have 90 minutes, maybe more, to try to win and that’s what we’ll try to do: give everything, as always. We’ll not change our way of doing things and we’ll see what happens.

How would you analyse your time in charge of Real Madrid since taking over in early 2016? How have you been able to get the most out of your squad?
I’m happy to be the Real Madrid coach and to have had this opportunity. It’s not an easy job but it’s a passion for me. I’ve worked hard. I spent three or four years to prepare to become a coach. What we have achieved is due to the fact that we have wonderful players.

Has being the current champion made the Champions League more difficult for Real Madrid? The Group Phase, for example, was not easy.
Yes, but it always is. When other teams play against Real Madrid it may be their biggest game of the year. We know that and we’re used to it. We know what it means to be part of this club and maybe that makes it more difficult to get to finals.

What are Juventus’ strengths and what’s your take on your next opponent?
They’re having a great season. I’ll not talk about their strengths or weaknesses. We know they are a great team and they have proven it. It’ll be a wonderful final, between two teams that deserve to be there.

What does it mean for you to play Juventus and to do so in the final?
It’ll be special for me. I was at Juventus for five years, a great club that helped me to develop and become a man, to grow as a person and as a player. Juventus will always have a special place in my heart but as soon as I start, I will be on the other side, with Real Madrid, and I’ll only be thinking about my team.

We would like to ask about Cristiano Ronaldo and his evolution. Not only in the sense of his position on the field but also in the number of matches he’s played. How has that evolution been? Was it a joint decision?
Yes, of course it’s a decision we made together, based on conversations we’ve had. We are intelligent and sometimes he needs to play a little less. It’s not because he’s not physically fit, but because he wants to reach the final phase of the season, when everything is at stake, in his best form. He’s played a lot this year, but there have been times when he’s been left out to have a break. Now he’s in fantastic shape.

On the 15th of May it’s 15 years since your goal in Glasgow during la Novena. What do you remember about that final?
It was special because the Champions League was the only trophy I hadn’t won and I won it that day and in this shirt. It was what was missing from my collection and, winning it with that great goal, after the wonderful pass of Roberto Carlos, it’s a fantastic memory.

They will have asked you a million times about that goal. Do you think anyone will score a goal like that in another final?
I hope a lot of players have the opportunity to score a goal like that and especially in a Champions League final. That’s what sets it apart. What makes that goal special is that it was scored in a Champions League final. I hope others will experience it in the future. I hope it’s one of my players on the 3rd of June.

Me too, Zizou, me too!

– Lozil

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