Training & Much More

31 May

Los Blancos continue to prepare for the Champions League final on Saturday. Just three days aways! ::starts biting nails::


Today it was all hands on deck with the exception of Fabio who worked indoors. Enzo from Castilla as well as Belman, Cobo, Franchu and Óscar from the Under-19s joined the first team for the session. (Video)

It’s nice to see Gareth in the thick of things. He’s looking good considering that Emanuel Santos (creator of the hideous CR7 bust in Madeira) unveiled a new statue of G-Money in his hometown of Cardiff.
It’s not quite as disturbing as the one of Cris but that’s not saying much! And horror of horrors, this dude is doing one of The Ramos next. Is it wrong that I’m kinda excited to see that?



Asensio: “If we win the Champions League it will cap off an incredible year”

The Whites midfielder played in a Mahou ‘Five Star Match’ alongside the former player Amavisca.

Marco Asensio took part in the Mahou Five Stars match along with the ex-Real Madrid player Jose Emilio Amavisca. The Whites midfielder analysed the Champions League final and talked about his season, his first at the club of his dreams: “We know it’ll be a difficult match because Juve are a great team. We have to try to play our match, which we have done all season. We have the Cardiff final to round off a very good year. We hope to win it to end the year in an incredible way. If we win the double, it would be a wonderful season”.

“A Champions League final is a dream that every kid who starts playing football wants to play in. It’s not a normal match and on top of that we face a great team like Juventus. There will be a bit of nerves at first, but once the ball starts moving it’s just a game of football. We have experience in this type of match because it is the third Champions League final in the last four years and if we do things well, without making mistakes, we can take the Champions League home”.

Scoring in Cardiff
“If I score goal I don’t know what I’ll do. My father and brother will come and I suppose I will dedicate it to them. In the moment, when you’re on the field I guess you’d go crazy and start running. Something would come out, that’s for sure”.

The season
“In preseason you prepare for everything. We started the season very well, winning the European Super Cup. We also started the league very well. The season is very long, there are always spells where things go well and others where they don’t go so well, but I think we have been getting the results. On top of that, we have all been involved”.

“We had objectives, they were to try to win everything, and we’ve won the league, after a very consistent season where the whole team has felt important. It helps the group when everyone is playing and it make us all feel important and involved. What has surprised me the most is the togetherness off the field. From the beginning everyone got along very well and welcomed me very well. That’s very important for things to work out very well”.

Great welcome
“When you get here you realise that this is another level. It’s not the same as when you’re at another team. Here everything you do takes on another dimension and everything is on a bigger stage. In that sense I took everything on really well and this year has been very good for me because I’ve learned so many things and have won titles with Real Madrid, which is what most excited me when I signed for this team”.

“The first time I went in to the changing room I was really impressed because I went from watching them on TV to being with them. When you start to get to know them you realise that they are wonderful people, normal and they treat you very well. They help you in everything. I’m a quiet lad and whenever I go out on to the field I try to do my best and help the team with my performance. I’m very comfortable and it’s easier to play with those great players that I have next to me and that has been seen during the season”.

Objectives achieved
“When you arrive you always have some objectives and this season I’ve achieved mine. I had the mentality to work hard and when they gave me the opportunity to take advantage of it. Training with these players and playing important matches helps you as a player. This year has been very good for me because I have improved a lot not only due to the matches but also to the training sessions. I’m very happy”.

A Visitor

We got the other half of the Pretty Woman duo when Richard Gere stopped by the Bernabeu.  He’s a known Madridista and has visited with his kids before.

A Surprise For The Fans

Movistar teamed up with Cris, Sergio, Lucas and Marcelo to surprise some fans and it’s lovely.

If you had the opportunity to say something to one of our players who would you choose and what would you say?

– Lozil

2 Responses to “Training & Much More”

  1. jellyace June 2, 2017 at 11:17 pm #

    Atleti gets a visit from Tom Cruise and Real Madrid gets Richard Gere!

    The CL final is tonight. Sooo nervous! Hala Madrid!

    • headbandsandheartbreak June 2, 2017 at 11:35 pm #

      Richard Gere is good luck for us! He was around when we won La Undecima!

      I’m crazy with the nerves too! HALA MADRID!

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