Ready For Manchester United

22 Jul

The team had their final session before facing Manchester United tomorrow. Our first pre-season game, y’all!

This was the first session that included the newly returned Spain U-21 players.  (Video)

The ‘Peez visited the training session and also signed autographs for the assembled fans.



Zidane: “There are good vibes in the camp and the team can’t wait to get started”
by Javier Garcia (Los Angeles) | Photographers: Antonio Villalba/Helios De La Rubia

“We’re getting ready to win trophies, that’s what motivates us”, he added.

Zidane appeared in the press room at the Morgan Center at UCLA on the day before the team’s first clash in the International Champions Cup (Sunday, 11:00pm CEST, 2:00pm local time). The Whites’ coach gave his assessment of the first phase of pre-season training and analysed the game against Manchester United: “There are good vibes in the camp, I’m happy to be getting started. We’ve been training for 10 days now and the players want to get under way. This match will do us good. It’s our first game and the fourth match for them”.

“We hope for a good game, it’s the first one and everyone wants to play and get minutes under their belts. It’s game one, I hope nobody picks up any knocks, that we play well and I’m not bothered about the result. It’s a case of giving it our best and nobody getting injured”.

Changes to the squad
“We’ve had some very good players move on and some young guys come in. We always try to make improvements to the squad. We’re happy with the boys who have just arrived. They’re excited to be training with us and they know where they’ve come to. We’ll see whether or not we’ve improved the squad over the course of the season”.

“We’re keeping an eye on it. Danilo has gone, and Morata too. I’m not saying we’re lacking a striker, but there’s one missing that we had here last year, that’s the way it is. We’ll look at how we’re going to manage things. We’re all here and there are 28 players, that’s it. There are a lot of us”.

“It’s always being discussed, but we’re here and with the guys who have just arrived, there are 28-30 players. We’re with them and that’s all I think about. Anything can happen until the 31st. He’s a good player who a lot of clubs are interested in. I’m thinking about tomorrow’s game, about my players and getting ready for the season”.

Worse team without Morata?
“Definitely. We saw what he did last year, he played very well and brought a lot to the team. It’s the way it is, Álvaro has gone and we’re lacking a striker at the moment. We’ll see what we’re going to do about it. There are no changes for the moment. Borja is with us and Cristiano is on the way back”.

“We’ve received a very warm welcome from the fans. Real Madrid are hugely important in Spain and abroad with all the people that are behind the team and they have lots of kind words for the players. We’re happy to be here sharing this time with them”.

Cristiano Ronaldo
“There’s been a lot of talk surrounding Cristiano, that he wanted to go. I only believe in one thing. Whenever I’ve spoken to him, he’s been very relaxed. He’s on holiday and he’ll be back with us on the 5th. I listen, just like everyone else, but the only thing I’m concerned with is what he wants to do with Real Madrid. He’ll be here with us on the 5th and I think he’ll stay for the next 2 or 3 years he’s got left with us”.

“He’s on a very well-deserved holiday after the year we’ve had. He has to come back in and we’ll look at when he’ll get some playing time. I’m sure he’ll be ready in no time”.

A challenging season
“We know what we achieved was incredible and now there are trophies to be played for already on the 8th and we’re preparing for that date to start in the best possible fashion. As always, we want to try and win everything we play for, that won’t change. This club has the history, we know that winning trophies is what motivates us and we’re going to try and do the same this year”.

“We’re here to work. It’s a new challenge for him. He’s getting ready like the rest of the team. He’s focussed and concentrating on preparing for the season”.

“I wish him all the luck in the world”.

“It’s certainly different because this is the first time he’s having a full pre-season and he’s in good physical shape and happy. He knows he wants to have a great season and he’s preparing himself well”.

“I worked with him. We know the coach he is, he knows the game very well and how to manage a group. The experience I had with him was very interesting”.

“I don’t follow it on a daily basis. It’s a good league, there are big players who come from abroad. There are some good local players too. They’ve grown a lot in recent years and we’re hoping for a good match against a great team”.

– Lozil

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