Back To Madrid

3 Aug

Nice cheeky grin, Casemiro!

They’re baaaaack! The team returned Madrid after last night’s win vs. the MLS All-Stars (penalty kicks always suck, no matter who wins, IMHO). 

So they’re and moving on to the next challenge – the UEFA Super Cup on Tuesday! (Video)

I managed to stay up for the whole match last night! The evening saw Luca Zidane make his first team debut. He came on in the 72nd minute and soldiered on through the penalty shootout. He saved a shot from Dom Dwyer who has been on fire as of late.

And Borjita was the match MVP!

I felt so bad for him when the interviewer said “Do you speak English?” and he looked flat out terrified.  But at least she spoke Spanish, but it was definitely awkward all around. I think they could have anticipated that a Spanish speaker might have a chance at grabbing the MVP (I mean, come on, team from Spain at least a 50% chance) and handled it a bit better. It just seemed a little slapdash.

But congrats to Los Blancos, Luca and Borja for last night.

– Lozil

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