Ready For The UEFA Super Cup

7 Aug

The team headed off to Macedonia where they will face Manchester United tomorrow in the UEFA Super Cup.

Off to Skopje

The team took off today from Madrid looking good in their suits. (Video) After a flight of about 3 hours, they landed in Skopje and headed off to the Aleksandar Palace Hotel, where they will stay.


The team had a training session at the Philip II National Arena tonight. (Video)



Zidane: “We’re going in to it in good shape and are ready for the Super Cup”
by Alberto Navarro (Skopje)

“We’ve got players with personality and who’re not tired of winning. That’s very important to counteract everything”, added the coach.

Zinedine Zidane appeared in the press room at the Philip II National Arena the day before the European Super Cup final. The Whites’ coach analysed the game against Manchester United: We’re going in to it in good shape and also looking forward to starting the season. It’s the first official game and we want it to start. Physically we’re working well and we’ve rested well too. We’re ready”.

“There are many keys elements. We’ll look at them and prepare our game like we always do. We know a lot about the opponents, but what matters to us, primarily, is what we’re going to do. There isn’t one particular key to winning, there are many”.

Will you play with four midfielders?
“We’re going to play in several different ways, that’s not going to change. We’re lucky to have a lot of important players who can play in various positions and tomorrow you’ll see how we’re going to play”.

Cristiano Ronaldo
“There’s been a lot of noise, as always, but he’s relaxed and I’m impressed that he’s physically the same as the day of the Champions League final a few months ago. That’s what’s important to me, we can’t do much about the rest. He’s been with us for just three training sessions and that means a lot. If he’s with us it’s because he’s ready to play, but we’ll see tomorrow”.

“It depends on how the player comes in and the thoughts and feelings of the coach and the player. I make the decision as the coach talking to the player. Physically he looks very good, really, and that’s what matters to the coach and everyone at Real Madrid. As a player I would obviously like to play the European Super Cup”.

“At the last press conference I was angry but today I’m more excited, the season starts and tomorrow is the first official match, we know it’s going to be a difficult year for us because we have to raise the bar. As always and we’ll do our best to win things down to hard work, humility and dedication. We’ll not change what we did last year and what this team knows how to do”.

Maximum demands
“I’ve been here for almost 16 years and I was also at other teams and playing against Real Madrid was the best. We’re the team that everyone wants to beat because we’re the best in the world and it’ll always be like that. We know that every year the opponents will make it more difficult for us and it’ll be like that during this season. We’ve got players with personality, hunger and who are not tired of winning and that is very important to counteract all that”.

“The important thing is that the player is well. He’s had a lot of continuity in training with us and that’s the most important thing. He was out for almost four months and now he’s back. I’m interested in what we’re going to do tomorrow”.

“Mourinho will set out his team tomorrow and so will I. You can stoke the game up but it’ll not change anything. The most important thing is that we’re focused. Bale is a Real Madrid player and I’m only interested in talking about tomorrow’s match, which is important. We’re all here to win tomorrow and I’m not interested in anything else”.

High temperatures at kick-off time
“I don’t think it’s an advantage. They’ve had preparation in the United States too and we’re used to this. It’s more or less the same heat as in Madrid and we can’t change the weather”.

Differences between the Real Madrid of Mourinho and the one of Zidane
“Everyone has their way of training but there is no difference between one team and another. Here we have to give 100% out on the field because we know the obligation that we all have. Mourinho did a good job and I’m doing my job. I try to do it in the best way possible but it doesn’t mean anything. Each coach tries to make the most doing it their way. At Real Madrid all the coaches have great players. That’s the history of this club and it’ll always be like this”.


Ramos: “We want to win another trophy and dedicate it to the fans”
by Alberto Navarro (Skopje)

“Captaining this team every time I go out on to the field is a privilege, regardless of the match”, said the captain.

Sergio Ramos appeared in the press room at the Philip II National Arena in Macedonia on the day before facing Manchester United in the European Super Cup (8:45pm CEST): “Wearing the captain’s armband in a match like this, as always, is a tremendous honour. Captaining this team every time I go out on to the field, regardless of the match, is a privilege. We have a date with history and the chance to add another title to the honours list and dedicate it to the fans. We’re really looking forward to the game”.

“Two great teams are coming up against each other. They have a very complete squad with great players and we’ll look to put in our best performance to try to take the trophy home”.

Old acquaintances
“It’s always important to know the opponent because it takes away a small element of surprise that there may be tactically or in their strategy. But in football I think that the best team imposes their game. We’ve studied the opponent but many things can happen and in that sense it is a lottery because there are things that you cannot prepare for. Although it’s an advantage to know the opponent, obviously”.

“He’s a Real Madrid player today and we’re delighted to have him. Each individual decides his own future, no one else can have an opinion. In August anything can happen but we’re calm because he’s in our team and he’s a great player and we like to have the best”.

“Cristiano is a very important player for our team and, regardless of the number of days that he’s trained, it’s important that he travels with the team. He has a different role than any other player and his presence is always good whether he plays or not, that will be a technical decisions”.

Differences from Mourinho’s Real Madrid
“A team, depending on the coach you have, changes completely. Each coach is different by the system, the character, the players or the management in the changing room. Each one is different, neither better nor worse. I think Zidane understood the changing room very well, although it is true that Mourinho had experience that Zidane did not have before. They are two great coaches and, right now, we are delighted to have Zidane”.

The Mourinho era
“I don’t think it changed my career. He is one of many coaches in my footballing career. I have learned thing with all the coaches, even in the academy at Sevilla, and with Jose I learned good things and I am grateful”.

Rumours in the past
“In the past there was the possibility of signing for Manchester United, but finally my situation was sorted and I was happy to sign my last contract with Real Madrid. I’m grateful for the interest of Manchester United, a club that I consider to be noble, but when we come up against them, we will give everything to beat them”.


Marcelo: “The motivation is to give everything for this badge”
by Alberto Navarro (Skopje)

“We’re in good shape and we’ll give everything to win”, said the Whites’ defender.

Marcelo spoke to the media 24 hours before Real Madrid look to win their first title of the season against Manchester United. The second captain highlighted the team’s motivation to win the European Super Cup: “We’re playing a final and we’re really looking forward to it, whoever the opponent. We know they’re a great team and we’ve already played them in pre-season. What matters now is tomorrow’s game and we’re going to give it our all. The motivation is to give everything for this badge”.

“The team is in good shape. We’ve been doing the pre-season work and we’ve done a good job on the physical side. We now want to play this match. We worked hard and gave a lot to be able to win the Champions League and we get to play this final as a reward. We’re in good shape and we’ll give everything to win tomorrow”.

Difference between the current Real Madrid and that of Mourinho
“Surely there is a difference but I can’t tell you. Mourinho helped us a lot to fight for titles and is a great coach. With Zidane you already know what we have won and what we think of him. The difference is perhaps the titles we’ve won with Zidane and the strength that Mourinho had”.

Happy Birthday Dani!

The Onion turned 21 today! Happy Birthday Dani and welcome to the family!

Let’s get ready to rumble!

– Lozil

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