Ready For The First Leg Of The Spanish Super Cup

12 Aug

Y’all, it is so hard to talk about football at the moment. I’m currently sick to my stomach and furious about Charlottesville and the situation in my country in general. If you feel as I do, please consider making a donation to an organization that fights back against the sort of hatred that is on the rise. If you can’t donate, that’s okay, but please don’t be silent. Speak up on social media, attend a solidarity event in your community or contact your elected officials. Your voice is important.

I just needed to get that off my chest. And now, a quick recap of the day for Los Blancos.


The team had their final training session before tomorrow’s match at the Camp Nou. Castilla’s Achraf was once again part of the session. Vallejo continues his recovery. (Video)



Zidane: “The Spanish Super Cup is extra special”

“Our aim is to give the most, go to Barcelona and win”, stated the Real Madrid coach.

Zinedine Zidane spoke to the press at Real Madrid City. The Whites coach spoke about the Spanish Super Cup first leg: “It is special because it is another trophy. We know that playing against Barcelona is extra special. We are playing against our strongest rival, but for me that does not change things. We are in perfect shape both physically and mentally. Everyone wants to play and I will have a decision to make”.

“They have made changes but Barcelona is still Barcelona. They are no weaker than the sides I used to face. We know about their playing style. If we go into it thinking it will be easy then we are sadly mistaken. We’re playing two games: One in Barcelona and the other in Madrid. That is how it goes and in my opinion I would have proffered to play just the once”.

Cristiano Ronaldo
“He is ready and doing well. He took a holiday and has been with us for 5 or 6 days, but he trained a lot physically on holiday and is ready”.

“I don’t have a termination clause. I am here enjoying every single day. Some day that will end but my relationship with Real Madrid does not depend on contracts or money. I am happy with the faith the club has shown me and I’m pleased with the work my players put in. I could sign for 20 years but I know where I am and what my aims are. Who knows, maybe within a year I won’t be here and that’s that. Real Madrid and I will never disagree on things. I really enjoy my job here”.

“There are always going to be ups and downs but at such a great moment we’re enjoying it. We can achieve things as a united group, working hard together. My aims here have been to win every game and every title. I’m trying to bring something new to the team, we’re doing well but I know where I am. I know my day-to-day tasks. Tomorrow we go into battle for another trophy and we must give our best possible. We’re going to try and win and then think about the second leg. I am lucky to have a squad of this calibre, they really are extraordinary”.

“He is more than compatible with the BBC but I have to oversee all of this. I can do a lot of different things and I have no real restrictions. We’ll see what happens”.

Casemiro, goal scorer in the last two finals
“He works hard like the others in terms of going forward. We work on our attacking side as a unit and it’s not down to him individually. I’m happy that he scored in the last two finals, but that isn’t his main role in the team. The key thing is that he focusses on his duties”.

Theo’s adaptation in the team
“He is doing well like all of them. He has arrived at a club where he is content and here we are, after the preseason and UEFA Super Cup, he is growing like the rest”.

The absence of Neymar
“All I can say is whoever takes his place will do their job well. They won’t be the same as Neymar because he is incredible, but they will certainly give their all. I’m not worried. There are not many players like Neymar. You cannot simply replace him but whoever steps in, I’m certain they will bring something special”.

Is the squad confirmed?
“Anything can happen between now and the 31st of this month, but I’m happy with the squad and don’t want to make any changes”.


Keylor Navas: “We have a great team and we want to win”

“With them, the devil is in the details, and we will need to focus”, stated the Real Madrid goalkeeper.

Keylor Navas spoke to the press with just 24 hours until Real Madrid travel to the Camp Nou for the first Clásico of the season. The Real Madrid goalkeeper spoke about the first leg of the Spanish Super Cup: “The team are calm and aware of the responsibility we have. We are confident and we know it will be dificult but we’re excited and raring to get stuck in”.

“Scoring goals is always important. We’re focussed on tomorrow’s game at the Camp Nou and to win we’ll need to score. It is big ask, but we know we have a top team and the conditions to win it. We really want to win”.

“They have some phenomenal players and a clear idea on how the game should be played. Despite changing manager, they have that same philosophy. There are no real secrets, and with them, the devil is in the details. We will need to focus in order to not commit many errors”.

“We have a great team, the coach, his staff and our captain all make us all feel part of it, whether we’re veterans or new arrivals. It is easy to adapt here because you are part of the group straight away. It is a great opportunity and I’m proud to be a part of the team”.

On losing the drive to win
“You always play to win and if your mentality changes then you don’t belong at Real Madrid. Here they teach you that winning is the only thing that matters. Being at Real Madrid means fighting for every title and we are growing as a group, whilst looking to win everything. We know how sweet it can be to come out victorious, we celebrate as a family. I always want this family to be a happy unit”.

Final across two legs
“You simply have to adapt. We have to play both games with the same mentality and we want to win both games”.

The absence of Neymar
“His is hugely talented and is one of the best players in the world, but we can’t start thinking that they will be weaker without him. They have some top players and whoever plays will give everything for their team”.

– Lozil

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