Prep Begins For Alavés & Benz Re-Ups

21 Sep

Yesterday’s match was a case of goalus interruptus. We got so very close to the net and couldn’t bury it. But props to Adan for a very strong performance. It sucks when we’re denied, but since he was one of our own, it vaguely eases the sting. I’m always happy when former players do well, just not against us, please!  Betis worked their asses off, no doubt about it.


But it’s time to move on and begin preparing for Saturday’s match vs. Alavés.  Yesterday’s starters did some recovery work indoors.  Casemiro, Modric, Isco and Bale did some running out on the pitch afterward. Castilla’s Franchu, Quezada, Tejero and Óscar joined the session. Benz and Vallejo did some light training on the pitch. Theo & Mateo continued their recoveries. (Video)

Contract Extension

It’s contract extension-palooza at Real Madrid! Benzie got his re-upped until 2021. So many more years of bad outfits and cheesy selfies! And goals. More goals, please. (Video)


Benzema: “I am really happy to continue my career at the best club in the world”

“I’m really pleased with my career here and I’ll work hard to keep on winning titles”, the striker admitted.

Having signed his contract extension with Real Madrid, Karim Benzema appeared before the media in the Santiago Bernabéu press room: “I feel really happy. This contract renewal signifies a lot of things for me. I am thrilled to continue making history with the greatest club in the world. I’m really pleased with how my career here has turned out and I’ll work hard to keep on winning titles. The pressure at the club is huge, and I’m part of a very specific group of players here at Real Madrid, but I need to keep working hard as I have many years ahead of me and want to keep putting my stamp on this club”.

“The club has been like a family to me in some of the toughest moments of my career. The people here have always been a real rock for me, both on and off the field. From the day I arrived, the president and the people who work at the club have supported me and I feel really at ease here, I’ve always wanted to stay. This is the best place for me to be, I want to retire here because there is no other club like it. I think this club will be my last”.

Key Moments
“The toughest year for me was my first. I was just 21 years old and knew nothing about Real Madrid. It was really tough for me to adapt, I didn’t speak the language and simply playing the game will only get you so far. In terms of my best seasons, I’d have to look back at those where we won many titles, last year is a shining example of that. We’re really living the glory days here at Real Madrid in terms of the titles we’ve been winning”.

“A striker is not just about goals. You have to play the game, get into space and lay on assists, add to the football itself. I know that I have my critics because I don’t score as many goals as they’d like. You have to look beyond all that, that’s how I see football. Obviously, I want to score goals, but I’m proud to say I always think of what is best for the team, that is the most important thing. The modern day forward has to give a little more”.

“Criticism is part of my life. I think that is part and parcel of playing at this level. This club will always have its critics, but we’re ok with that. I am here to work, when people criticise me it is because they expect more and it is something to work at”.

Toughest competition up front
“I couldn’t say just one player. Whenever there is another striker, we’re there to help the team. It is not a competition, we’re there with the same goal, do our best for the good of the team. There have been many strikers here, but I have my own vision of football. No one is guaranteed to start, I am here to do my best for my teammates”.

Injuries and how the season has started
“I’m working to get back to full fitness as quickly as possible. I don’t know exactly when that will be. We have not made the best of starts in LaLiga. But that does not matter too much, I have every faith in the team. We work together and we’re just getting started. We are seven points behind the league leaders, but we’re united. Last year we won an incredible amount and we are Real Madrid, so in the next game I’m certain we will start to stop the rot”.

The squad
“I don’t know if we need more striking options or not. When I’m not on the pitch, Cristiano can play in that role, as can the others. We can play different systems. We’re talking about this now because we’ve had a string of bad results, but we’ve got a great squad”.

The national side
“I’m a natural born competitor, so when I get called up, I really appreciate it, that’s normal. When I see teammates go off for international duty and I’m stuck here, it’s a tough one to take. I have to work hard at club level to hopefully play for France again. I always believe that I’ll get back in there. I’ll never give up. It’s an obsession. I’m really happy here at Real Madrid and I’m plugging away on the pitch. People always make comments and criticise but I’m here doing the best I can”.

The earthquake in Mexico
“I want to express my sorrow to the Mexican people, and offer love and support to them”.

– Lozil

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