The Internationals Return and Ready For Getafe

13 Oct

Time for a bit of catch up since I haven’t been around for a couple of days. The bulk of the internationals returned to work on Thursday and we meet Getafe tomorrow as La Liga returns.

Thursday Training

Castilla’s Óscar, Tejero and Cristo along with U19 goalkeeper Darío joined the first team for the session. Carvajal, G-Money, Mateo and Keylor continued their recoveries. Luca worked indoors. (Video)

Friday Training

Castilla’s goalkeeper Belman and Moha of the U19s joined the first team for the session. Carvajal, G-Money, Mateo and Keylor continued their recoveries. Luca worked indoors. (Video) The team also got a surprise visit from the UEFA Anti-Doping Control folks.  As you do.



Zidane: “My heart is white and I’m enjoying every day here”
by Alberto Navarro

“My nicest moment in these 100 games was when we won LaLiga”, added the Real Madrid coach.

Zinedine Zidane spoke in the press room at Real Madrid City the day before the game against Getafe, where the coach will make it 100 games leading the Whites (Saturday, 4:15pm CEST). Asked about his best and worst moments since joining Real Madrid, Zidane said: “The worst is when you lose because something hasn’t been done well and the nicest was winning LaLiga. Everything has been good but the best was the league. The league is the day to day work, it’s very difficult to win it and it’s the most important thing”.

“I enjoy every moment and every day here. The difference between my start and now is that we’ve played 100 more games. I’m just as excited as I was at the beginning and I’ve earnt this experience. It could be said, even if everything has gone very fast, that I’m already an established coach”.

Signing for Barcelona?
“My heart is white. It happened when I was a player, after Madrid I didn’t want to go elsewhere. I’m just focussed on what I’m doing now and nothing else”.

“Every day he’s better. He can’t play yet. He’s had two things: the first in Dortmund and then he aggravated something in the soleus. I can’t tell you when or how, but he’s better. We’ll monitor it day by day. He wants to return as soon as possible and that’s good. We’re only interested in the present. After the Dortmund match he was only overloaded but two days later he wanted to try it and that’s when he noticed something in the soleus”.

“In the end they are two different things and that’s what happened. He went with Wales, did the scan and they detected something. We just have to take our time with him now. It’s something that we can’t control and the only good thing is that it wants to return. I’m neither a doctor nor a physiotherapist. I’ve got confidence in the people who work here. He’s the first one who is upset but these things happen and they must be accepted. I hope he comes back soon and so does he”.

“The players came back more or less in good shape and that’s the most important thing. There are no injuries. I’m happy to get back to league competition and so are the players, after the break and demanding matches, they want to play again and compete for Real Madrid. That’s a good thing”.

Keylor and Luca’s injuries
“I hope Keylor Navas’s problem will keep him out just a few days. It’s an overload in the abductor. We’ll monitor it day by day but I don’t think it’s much. Luca’s is a bit more serious because it’s the shoulder. We’ll see. Kiko’s going to play and Moha and Belman are going to come with us too”.

Benzema, Marcelo and Theo’s recoveries
“There’s every possibilities in the world, but we have seven matches in a short space of time before the next break. We’ll play every three days and we’ll need them all. We’ll go game by game, but the most important thing is tomorrow in Getafe”.

“He wants to play and is a player who fits in with everyone. He’s important for us and for everyone. I hope that tomorrow we can see that response and that connection that he has with Cristiano Ronaldo.

“With the heart we can’t take it lightly and we must be patient. That’s it. He’s okay, relaxed and he knows that those who are dealing with his recovery are doing things perfectly. We want him 100% and it’s a matter of days. It could be a week or two and then he’ll be at 100%. He wants to get back, but his health is the most important thing”.

The Atlético-Barcelona game
“I want to win our match and then we’ll see what happens in that match. We just want to win and close the gap”.



Ceballos: “I got goose bumps the first time I set foot in the Bernabéu”

The midfielder was the star of the latest episode of ‘Campo de estrellas’ on Realmadrid TV.

Dani Ceballos was the star of the latest edition of Realmadrid TV’s Campo de estrellas program. The Whites’ midfielder discussed his beginnings in football and how it felt to come to the “biggest club in the world”. “The day of my presentation was very special: six or seven thousand people were there and I’ll never forget it. Ramos sent me a message to relax me and told me I had his support whenever I needed, like he does with all the young players. Zidane told me to work hard, that this was a long-run thing and that I’d get my chance”.

“When I heard Real Madrid were interested, I was focussed on having a good tournament with the Spanish U-21s. I thought, if I do a good job, maybe I’d have a shot. It was my dream. I was chosen player of the tournament and I knew it could be my moment”.

Madridista debut
“My first game came against Manchester City in pre-season. It was unforgettable. I remember the full stadium and that’s when you start to realise how big this club is. The dressing room is very united and it was quite surprising. Then, making my official debut in the Clásico, winning 2-0, I got goose bumps when I stepped foot in the Bernabéu. I’ll try to do my bit for this squad”.

“I made my first division debut at 17. I played at the Villamarín but it was bitter-sweet because we were already relegated to the second division, but it was a dream to make my top-level debut with my boyhood club. The following year was incredible, learning new things about football and taking Betis to back where they belonged at the end of the season. Back in Primera, not playing the first eight games under Poyet made me stronger, tougher. When Víctor took over, he told me I’d be fundamental and he needed me because I was going to play. He was the coach who has got the best out of me”.

“Since I was three years old, I had a ball glued to my feet. I was annoying, I used to break glasses and other things around the house. My grandfather always supported me in becoming a footballer and I think he is the most important person in my life in getting me where I am today. My family always supported me and that’s been fundamental”.

“I started playing in the kids’ team at Utrera and from there I went on to Sevilla. I wasn’t very developed physically, and although I had the quality, after a few years, Sevilla were looking for a different type of player. They told me to go to Utrera and that they’d count on me in the future. It was a real blow. I grew in the academy, got bigger, and started to dedicate time to football because I believed I could be a professional. At the end of a game against Nervión, they told me that Betis’ scouts had asked about me and I went for them because they took a gamble on me”.

And congrats to Zizou – tomorrow’s match is his 100th at the helm of Real Madrid! Long may he reign!

– Lozil

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