Ready For Eibar

21 Oct

The team had their final training session before welcoming Eibar tomorrow.


U19s goalkeeper Moha was once again called up for the session.  Luca stayed indoors. Keylor, G-Money, Carvajal and Mateo continued their recoveries. (Video)



Zidane: “We’ve recovered, fighting fit and ready for the Éibar game”
by Borja Miranda

“We love playing at the Bernabéu. We’re not worried about the results”, the coach stated.

Zinedine Zidane spoke to the press at Real Madrid before the game against Éibar: “We love playing at the Bernabéu. When you look at the results, clearly that isn’t what we want for ourselves. We’re not worried, I spoke to the players after the Tottenham game, because we have a long road ahead and we’re always prepared to win, just like we did the other day against Espanyol”.

“We know we have a game every three days but the plyers like that: getting out there and playing the game. Recovery can be difficult, we’ve had two days each time and we’re doing well physically, which is really important”.

The Best awards
I don’t think I’m the best coach in the world, far from it. I’m lucky to be at the best club in the world with the best players. I’m being honest, I like what I’m doing, I do it with passion and I’m getting better at it. If they give me The Best award for coach, I’ll gladly accept it, but I don’t think I’m the best in the world”.

The season
“If you look at the results up to now, we’re not doing too badly. We can improve, and that is what we’ll do. We’re only five points off the league leaders, we’re top of the group in the Champions League and we’ve won two trophies already this season. I don’t know if people know that, but we have not forgotten. In December we’re playing for another trophy and until the end of the season we have to fight for the title in LaLiga, the Copa del Rey and Champions League. We’re on the up, don’t doubt it ”.

“The criticism that Karim receives annoys me because for anyone who understands football such things are a disgrace. For me he is the best by some way. It seems that here, a number 9 has to score 50 or 60 goals, but Karim scores 25 or 30 and even 30 or 40 goals, and that’s the real issue. We can’t stop people criticising players. Everyone has an opinion, but as a player and manager, and from my own point of view, I don’t believe that a striker should just get goals. He’s got it all, he scores and assists others”.

“I stick by him because he is the best. These are my players and I’ll defend them to the last. I have to stick by him more, because some say he isn’t the best, but for my money, he is. He’s been here for years now, that’s no coincidence. He’s the best man for the job out on the pitch. The most important thing isn’t that he gets goals. He’s got it all and can get even better”.

“We did not risk Keylor the other day. it was a new injury, not the same one. This is football, so its nothing to worry about. Why are there so many injuries this year? I spoke with the experts and there is no clear-cut reason, It is a coincidence. Sometimes that happens, that’s part of the season, for the group, the squad. We will get all of our players back eventually, we have been hard hit by injuries this time”.

Inui, Éibar’s man in the middle
“He’s a great player. He’s been in LaLiga and he’s getting better, he’s been key for Éibar. Technically he is good on the ball and you have to watch those players”.

Dead ball situations
“I’m sure the opposition have done their homework. But things are just starting. Free-kicks will play a key part for us. We need to be calm. There are plenty of positives to take from all of the negatives you bring up”.

Really looking forward to watching the match tomorrow! It seems like ages since Shigs and I were able to sit down and watch a match together.

– Lozil

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