Last Training Sessions Of 2017

31 Dec

The team held their last two training sessions of 2017 yesterday and today. First up was the annual open training at the Di Stéfano, 

Open Training

The session yesterday featured 23 first team players and U19 goalkeeper Moha. Benz worked indoors – he’s injured. Bah! (Video)

The session is always a highlight of the year for the fans, who packed out the stadium and got to see and if they were lucky, meet their idols. (Video)



Casemiro: “We felt the warmth of the people. If people are excited, we are too”

“2017 has been fantastic, with 5 title wins”, quipped Varane.

At the end of the open-door training that took place at the Alfredo Di Stéfano stadium, Casemiro spoke to Realmadrid TV about how he felt after the special training session: “We felt the warmth of the people. If people are excited, we are too. We are happy with the year we have had. Today’s we worked hard now we must enjoy, because the year has been spectacular for us. 2017 has been the best year of my life. ”

“I’m happy because I’m playing at Real Madrid. I enjoy every day, in training too. I love scoring goals, although I am a midfielder. It is important for the team. In the dressing room, we know that it has been the best year the club has had in our history. We are going to fight for every title and we will continue trying out best next year.”

Wishes for 2018
“We have to keep improving, but it has been a spectacular year and we hope that next year we will be at the same level or better.”

Varane: “On a personal level I’m happy with this year”
“We are happy because people relished it. It is an opportunity for them to see us train and it is a special one. It has been a fantastic year, with 5 title wins and personally I am very happy with this year. I ask that 2018 be as good as 2017, let’s enjoy and play at our best level. “

Sunday Training

And today, the players (same group as yesterday) had their final session of the year at the Bernabeu. (Video)

Our first match of 2018 will take place on Thursday vs. Numancia in the Copa Del Rey round of 16.

While 2017 was the best year in the club’s history, I sense something missing. Is it heart? Passion? I saw a glimmer of it in the first half of the Clasico but for 2018, I just pray that we get our hunger and cohesiveness back. I know we can do it. Hala Madrid y nada mas!

– Lozil

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