Ready For Leganés Leg 2

23 Jan

Los Blancos will welcome Leganés tomorrow at the Bernabeu for the second leg of their Copa Del Rey clash.


They held their final training today. Castilla’s Tejero and Dario from the U19s joined in the session. Ceballos and Vallejo continued their recovery. (Video)



Zidane: “The tie is not decided”

“We must continue with the same spirit that we have shown during the last week”, said the coach.

Zinedine Zidane appeared in the press room at Real Madrid City the day before the match against Leganés. The Whites’ coach spoke about the second leg of the Copa del Rey quarter-finals: “We must go out thinking that the tie is not over. That’s the most important thing. We’re playing against a team that never gives up and works until the end. It’s a cup game and we must do the same as in the first leg: score and keep a clean sheet”.

“Leganés were losing 2-0 in their last league match and drew. They deserve credit for that. They are really motivated and it’s the cup. By scoring one goal, anything can happen. We know the importance of the game and the team we’re coming up against. They’ll not drop their guard and will fight and believe until the end”.

“We’ll see tomorrow. We must continue like this and we have the opportunity to have another good game. We must continue with the same spirit that we have shown during the last week”.

“I said the same thing after the match against Deportivo: the system doesn’t matter, the attitude matters. The important thing is how we can cause the opponent problems. Against Sevilla we played with a 4-4-2 and scored five goals and had a great game. The other day we played with a 4-3-3. We’ve also played in a diamond and things have gone well. It’ll not change the way we prepare for matches. What interests me is the match tomorrow and putting out the best team to win and move forward game by game”.

“What has changed is that he’s no longer in pain and that is key for a player. He is better now. He is showing that he is very important. Hopefully he continues like this: picking up confidence and continuing to improve”.

“We can’t change what people talk about and say. Cristiano took the phone to see if the wound was large or small and to see if he could continue. It was an uncomfortable and big wound and that’s it. That’s what he said in the changing room and I’m not going to make anything up. They stitched it up and he’s back today. If Cristiano trained with us with a swollen eye, it says that the most important thing for him is that he’s out on the field”.

Ramos’ recovery
“Sergio will be with us tomorrow and we’ll see what we do”.

Praise for Isco
“I talk to the player and he’s always going to have an important role here, whether I’m here or not. He’s always shown what type of player he is and I have shown him my confidence because he’s a key player. That’ll not change. He didn’t play el Clásico but that wasn’t the idea. The sending off changed the plans. Isco can play in a lot of positions in the 4-3-3, both up front or attacking midfield. His role is always going to be important and I’ll show him, like I do to all the players”.

“He’d not played with us for a month. I wanted him to play and be with the group again. The only thing he enjoys with is playing and being out on the pitch. It’s not pleasant to go out on to the pitch and to be whistled. We need our fans to be with us. I know that you have the right to comment on everything because you paid for the ticket, but we really want our supporters to be with us during the 90 minutes and when the game ends, whatever happens, happens. Karim will be with us tomorrow”.

“In June players can come to Madrid if the club’s strategy is to change something. But my idea and that of the club, because we are together, was not to change many things in this January transfer window. I heard some comments saying that in the end I won, but my daily concern is my players and what I do with them. I’m not talking about players who don’t belong to Madrid. The other day I made a comment about a player and now they think that I want him here”.

“I’m behind my players because they’re the most important thing. If they train well and we’re positive, we’ll achieve very good things. My role is to protect my squad because they’re my players and I care about those who’re here. That’s it. I have nothing against Kepa or any player. I never will have”.

“We’ll see if he starts or not. I have three goalkeepers from the first team and two more who train with us from time to time. Tomorrow’s game is important and nothing else”.

Neymar and the match against PSG
“He’s being important to the team. His stats are incredible but I’m only interested in my players. When we see Cristiano Ronaldo, throughout his career, I would like to emphasise that last season he scored 8 goals in the final Champions League matches and that means a lot. That’s why these players are extraordinary and in big games they always make the difference”.

– Lozil

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