Ready To Meet Levante

2 Feb

The team finished their last session before tomorrow’s match vs. Levante.


Everyone was on hand today with the exception of Vallejo and Ceballos. Cristiano rejoined the group and Moha was called up. (Video)



Zidane: “The key to beating Levante is maintaining that focus for the full 90 minutes”
by Javier Garcia | Photographer: Victor Carretero

“Last week we won 1-4 at Mestalla and tomorrow we have another chance to show we want it more”, added the coach.

Zinedine Zidane spoke to the press at Real Madrid City the day before the game against Levante (Saturday, 8:45pm CET). The coach gave his thoughts on the clash at Ciudad de Valencia: “There is history with every game, it is yet another important game for us. After the last two wins, we want to be focussed, ready for anything, and I feel that we are, given the good week of training we have had”.

“We need to focus from minute 1 to 90 because physically, defensively and in terms of our approach, we are already fairly solid. We are improving is every facet but what is troubling me at the moment is concentration levels”.

The squad
“We remain united in the hard times. I think my players always remain dedicated and driven. I have real faith in my squad and I tell them that, they repay that faith with hard work, fight and knowing this is not the end”.

Thinking about PSG
“If the players talk about this is training, I’m not going to say otherwise. The key for me is to look at tomorrow’s game because that is what we’re working on, what we need to focus on. It’s logical that people share their thoughts whilst training together, but I assure you we are all focussed on tomorrow’s game”.

“I like all of my players, I like to look at different systems too. I always change my system, we can play with the three of them up top because that is their favoured positon and they’ve always perfomred well there. I’m not going to invent anything, we can also play other players there and can change to use other options. In the last Champions League final we played with a diamond. When the three of them are fit, the best system for me is having Gareth on the right, Cristiano on the left and Karim down the middle”.

“I don’t think much has changed. He needs to keep up the good work, knowing how vital he is to us. We have a lot of matches to play in a row and Isco will play a part in that. Now Isco is the focus, then you’ll turn your attentions to Asensio, Ceballos… you guys talk about those things but I’m working on my team and making sure they are all working hard, ready to give their all when they are needed”.

The week
“It hasn’t felt long, it was a perfect week, hard work and time to reflect. We have had time to be our families too. Sometimes a week like that is what we need. The idea is to do a bit of everything in training. Sometimes we do sessions that are longer than normal in order to look at resistance and intensity”.

“When you have had a long week, the best thing to do is keep up the work, but also take that time to recharge. For example, in my first year we spent entire weeks looking at improving physically. When it’s time to work, you have to get stuck into it. We’ve looked at everything: strength, resistance, speed… Every day I come in ready to give the best possible, in training and in games”.

The Champions League and his future
“I’m not fazed by what could happen next year. All I’m doing is giving this season my all and preparing for our LaLiga commitments. You are sitting here acting like LaLiga is done for, but I don’t think that is the case. We will keep plugging away, trying to win those games. In the European Cup we feel excited, raring to go, Real Madrid have won plenty of those cups already, and we’re going into the next Champions League game looking to win as always”.

Ramos and Isco
“They have not had any issues. Isco and Sergio will be with the rest of the group. You’ll have to wait until tomorrow to see who is going to play”.

Aspects to improve
“A bit of everything, in any game you look at every aspect. The most important from now on is to win with real intensity and resistance, not just the game against PSG like all of them. When we train, it is in order to work on intensity”.

Defense of Modric
“I thank Luka for his words. I know the day to day work of these coaches. When things go wrong, we talk about the changes and those that can come about, but that does not stop me from continuing with my job”.

“If we only think of PSG then that is wrong. We know that we have games to come before that, we must recover our confidence and continue in this manner. We have played two league games and we have scored 11 goals. If you do things well you have many chances to win matches. We have to finish LaLiga as best we can and think that it is not said and done yet.”

“He is still here, we always ask more of Cristiano because he sets the benchmark for this team. When a game ends, you can say Cristiano could do better, but I’m happy with him. we have to focus on the positives. I don’t look back, just at the next game. Last week we won 1-4 at Mestalla and tomorrow we have another chance to show we want it more”.

“The important thing is that he gets games and continuity. If we see that he plays and recovers quickly, he can be a different player and when he is at the top he really makes the difference. He has scored goals in recent games and when he gets the ball special things can happen, because he has a lot of quality and it is vital for us “.

Hala Madrid!

– Lozil

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