Prepping For Málaga & It’s Bayern…Again

13 Apr

Okay, so that game vs. Juve Wednesday was absolutely nuts. What a  balagan.  But now we turn our attention back to La Liga.


The team got back to work today in preparation for meeting Málaga on Sunday.  Dani Carvajal and Lukita worked indoors. Tejero joined the team for the session and Nacho continues his recovery. (Video)

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Champions League

We’ve found out our opponent for the Champions League semi-final and it’s Bayern…again. They stress me the hell out big time. The first leg is away on April 25 with the return at the Bernabeu on May 1.


Congrats to Cris who was voted the Mahou 5 star player of the month for March. I wonder where he keeps all his awards? I mean, does he just ship them right off to his museum or does he keep them in the house until a few build up and then farm them out? The problems some people have! 😉

International Champions Cup

RM will be back in the US this summer as they take part in the 2018 International Champions Cup. The matches will be played in cities across the world and in a new twist, there will be a women’s tournament played in conjunction!  Learn the cities/teams here. Let’s hope that the ICC aren’t total douchebags about ticket prices again this year. Remember, this will be post-World Cup and depending on where the national teams place, many of the big stars may not travel with the team. But that said, I enjoy seeing some of the youngsters get a run out in pre-season.


– Lozil

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