Ready To Meet Málaga

14 Apr

The team had their last training session prior to their match with Málaga tomorrow.


The entire team was available for the session today with the exception of Nacho who is still recovering. (Video)



Zidane: “We put in a massive effort in the Champions League, but we’re ready for the Málaga game”

“We are going to try to win to continue with our good dynamics, although they will give the maximum”, added the coach.

Zinedine Zidane took to the media room at Real Madrid City at the end of the final training session ahead of the team’s encounter at Málaga (8:45pm CEST), with the Whites’ boss previewing the trip to La Rosaleda in the following terms: “There’s no reason for us to believe that this game will be any more difficult than the rest of them. It’s always tough straight after a Champions League game because we put in a massive effort. We’ve managed the workload well over these three days and are ready for another LaLiga game and to put in a good performance”.

“Málaga are bottom of the league, although they don’t deserve to be. When you watch their games, it’s surprising that they’re in the position they are. We know that we go there to win the game, although it’ll be a tough match against opposition that’ll give their all. We’ll have to be ready to try and get something from it and continue our good run”.

“We aren’t at any advantage. We face a very strong side. If there’s any advantage it’s because we play the return leg at home, but it’s very much 50-50. They’re performing better this year and they’re a side that compete well. We know just what a fine club it is and I’m sure they’ll make things very tough for us and perhaps more so than ever. They’re a stronger side this year, they don’t concede many and are on good form”.

“He’s a good player and is having a fine season. He’s one of Bayern’s big players”.

Pressure on referees
“I don’t think about those kinds of things. We’re just focused on training well, we’re excited and nobody is going to take that away from us if they do things right. The referees will be trying to do their job. I don’t believe that any of them would try to damage a team’s chances by delivering a poor performance”.

“Everyone is entitled to have their opinion as to whether it was a penalty or not. But there are people out there talking about it being a robbery…I’m angry with that. We can’t change it, but that’s just what I think. I’ll defend my players because they put in a massive performance and there’s no question that we deserved to progress. People are entitled to their opinion, but we did very well and are through to the semi-finals”.

“It’s shameful to talk of it as robbery. I’m disappointed with what’s being said. You can talk about whether it was a penalty or not. I believe that it was, whilst others think it wasn’t. But then you’ve got all of this talk about it being a robbery… now come on! I can’t believe that people have been saying that. We just focus on training and being ready”.

“I’m not going to get into a debate on that. People can’t possible think it was robbery. There may well be anti-madridistas out there but nobody is going to change. We need to just keep on doing what we’re doing and work hard. Nobody is going to change this club’s history, which is the best in world football”.

Debate in recent days
“To me, it’s not normal. You’d expect it to be talked about at the time and only then. The penalty was awarded and I don’t know what there is to talk about. Everyone can have their opinions about the penalty. Juve put in a good performance, but we managed to score and are in the semi-finals. I think that all of the talk that there has been in the last few days has all been too much”.

Buffon’s reaction
“His comments were made in the heat of the moment, but there’s no changing them now. You’ve got to accept his feelings, but we felt that we deserved to get through and that’s all there is to it”.

Anomosity against Real Madrid
“There is a bit of that, yes, but there’s nothing we can do about it. I just have to say that it’s not true. We just prepare to do a good job. We can’t go from being the best team to suddenly becoming a side that has robbed. I never let myself get too high or too low, we always keep ourselves level. We did very well in the two games and deserved to progress. What’s being said isn’t true”.

Question marks following Juventus result
“It doesn’t leave me with any doubts. I didn’t think that it could happen, but that’s what makes football so special. They put in a very good performance and we performed badly, but whenever you fail to score, things start to get a bit nervy. However, in terms of excitement levels, it was a good game”.

Hala Madrid!

– Lozil

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