A Por La 13!

1 May

Tell the truth: how many times did you stop breathing during that match? Especially in the last 10 minutes? I was bouncing between turning blue, hyperventilating, swearing, sweating and praying.  But we did it!

And now we have to get through Barcelona this weekend, but LET’S THINK ABOUT THAT LATER, SHALL WE THEN?  The ‘Peez joined our fine gentlemen in the locker room after the match to celebrate. And Benzema? Yeah, I love you.

I wasn’t paying attention when I booked my vacation and it turns out, I’m going to be enjoying the hell out of a solo holiday on a Caribbean island on the day of the final. I’ve already booked a table at a place showing the match and I’ll be there in my RM jersey cheering our boys on. I really hope that there are other Madridistas around. I think it’s a fair bet. But I’m also a girl who has walked into a bar full of Barcelona fans in my RM shirt and didn’t blink an eye so I’ll be fine. I am really going to miss being with the Sweaty Shanks crew at our home bar in Brooklyn. Needless to say I’ll be texting with them and mygypsyspirit. Need to share the experience!

– Lozil

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