Prep For Sevilla & Some Super Visitors

7 May

Man, that was a testy little Clasico, wasn’t it? But you can’t say that it wasn’t riveting.  I admit to getting pretty verklempt when Iniesta went off. I stood and applauded. Team loyalties aside, if you love football, you love Iniesta. How could you not? I will miss him. What a beautiful player. I’ll be sad to not see him regularly on my tv screen.


The players who started El Clasico trained at a lower intensity. Under-19s player César was called up for the session and Dani Carvajal continued his recovery work on the pitch. (Video)


Some super visitors came by the Bernabeu: Ryan Reynolds and Josh Brolin aka Deadpool and Thanos! (I finally got to see Avengers: Infinity War and yoinks!) They were in town to promote Deadpool 2,  in which Brolin is playing Cable. They met with Bond Villain, had a tour of the museum, pitch and dressing room. I love Ryan making heart eyes at Cristiano’s locker in the video. Shame he can’t pronounce “Real” correctly. (Video)

Sevilla is up Wednesday, followed by Celta on Saturday.

– Lozil

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