So Yeah, We Did That

13 Jun

Leave it to Real Madrid to feed the Drama Llama the extra special Purina llama chow.  I just can’t. As I was telling watishista M in the comments, I’ve been dealing with major upheavals in my own life, hence, why there has been almost no posting besides the Drools since the Champions League final.  I have not been able to handle one iota extra of clusterfuckery and as we all know, our beloved team serves it up by the truck load. Case in point: our new coach, Julen Lopetegui.

Let’s recap the last few weeks: The final was full of sketchiness (of course we couldn’t have a clean win without controversy). Cristiano makes noises about leaving us basically at the final whistle, then Zizou steps down after winning the Champions League for the third time in a row and that was all bad enough. The rumor mill/press was flipping out.  But then RM announces that the (at the time) Spain National Team coach Julen Lopetegui would be our new coach yesterday. You know, two days before the World Cup when he probably should be concentrating on La Roja and everyone’s focus should be on them. In my humble opinion, this was a total dick move on the part of the ‘Peez. I’m not the only one who thought  so because Spanish FA president Luis Rubiales blew a gasket, flew to the Spain training camp and promptly fired Julen today.  Turns out our new Mister had just signed a contract extension on May 22, which Rubiales had personally negotiated and pushed for, He was unaware of the negotiation between RM and Julen’s agent (which is, surprise, surprise Jorge Mendes). This could have been handled in a much better, above board manner. I think everyone understands that the opportunity to coach Real Madrid is a dream for many. But why not wait to negotiate or at least keep it quiet or announce it after the World Cup? This was so unnecessary. I hate these sleazy backroom deals. I’m going through something like this in my professional life and it has knocked the wind out of me. I fully understand the betrayal that Rubiales feels. So now Julen starts the job under a cloud and we look like selfish, conniving arseholes and I get to spend all my time down the pub defending my choice to follow RM. This team continues to exhaust me. I love the players but the machinations of management make me want to punch a fucking wall on the regular. In a weird twist of fate, Blanco legend Fernando Hierro will take over the role of coach for La Roja. I think he’s a great choice. I’m sure he will be able to pull them together. I feel so bad for the players, they must be so shook up right now. Not the mindset you want going into competition.

Just for once I would like RM to steer away from the drama; to course correct. I know we always get what we want, but I don’t know, maybe once in a while we could forgo the latest shiny thing? Or think about how our actions might affect other people? Is that too much to ask? Sometimes, I truly do understand why people hate us. We make it so fucking easy with our actions.

And now you can see why I haven’r been posting lately. I am one giant bucket of emotion. And I clearly need a bit of a break from the team.

Anyhow, not cool. Not cool at all. I’m going to try to get my act together to post more often during the World Cup.

– Lozil

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