World Cup 2018: Round of 16 Recap

6 Jul

That’s it. The World Cup is over. Lock the doors and shutter the windows. Sound the death toll. Both Ronaldo and Messi are out. There’s nothing more to see here. Wait, what’s that you say? A penalty shootout? Ohh, and another! And another! Halt the cleanup boys, we’ve got ourselves a banger of a World Cup.

Unless you’re Spain, then it’s been more of a clanger. Isco brought the disco but had trouble finding people to join him for the hustle. They played old. They need a big thinker in charge, someone like Aragonés who can see the talents of THIS generation and set out a path to best utilize them. Perhaps Isco will be the centrepiece going forward, like Xavi was in 2006. That would be exciting.

(Oh, here’s forgotten man Juan Mata wandering around Colombia. Is he wearing jorts or linen?)

Poor Mark Geiger. I don’t think he did too badly given the escalating circumstances of the England vs Colombia game. Others think differently, and there is now a petition to investigate his game decisions and ban him from refereeing. I feel people don’t grasp the basics of how football works. Or refereeing. Or petitions.

South Korea didn’t encounter any petitions when they returned home but some fans tried to pelt them with eggs , and there is pseudo-speculating the players won’t have their national military service waived following their group stage exit. Doubly harsh.

Did you know Japan had an octopus who predicted the outcomes of their team’s group matches? Then someone killed it so fans had to watch the game unfold without any prior knowledge of the result. So rough. 😉

Someone else decided to kill Mo Salah’s privacy and published his Egyptian home address on Facebook. I’d move if this ever happened to me.

Russia’s having a good time, though I’m glad not to be the only one with one eyebrow slightly raised at their progress. Not saying their progress isn’t legitimate but their history of doping across all sports should not be overlooked or underplayed.

World Cup 2018 By Numbers and Photos

Largest attendance: Russia vs Saudi Arabia, 78,011
Lowest attendance: Egypt vs Uruguay, 27,015
Average attendance: 45,191
Total goals: 146
Hat-tricks: 2
Braces: 10
Penalty kicks: 28
Penalty goals: 21
Own goals: 10

Goals: Harry Kane ENG (6)
Assists: Eden Hazard BEL, Thomas Meunier BEL, Éver Banega ARG, Lionel Messi ARG, Viktor Claesson SWE, Juan Quintero COL, Wahbi Khazri TUN, Aleksandr Golovin RUS, James Rodríguez COL, Carlos Sánchez URU, Youri Tielemans BEL (2)
Shots (excl blocked): Neymar (17)
Chances created: Neymar (16)
Passes: Sergio Ramos (508)
Saves: Guillermo Ochoa (25)

Yellow cards: 158
Red cards: 3
Most fouls on a single player: 10 (Switzerland vs Neymar)
Most MOTM Awards: Harry Kane (3)

Round of 16: France (4) vs Argentina (3)

Embed from Getty Images

That Spurs feeling
Embed from Getty Images

Chest bump by a couple dicks
Embed from Getty Images

Teens look a lot older these days
Embed from Getty Images

Round of 16: Uruguay (2) vs Portugal (1)

Something’s … not quite right
Embed from Getty Images

The question is: would Cavani have done the same in reverse?
Embed from Getty Images

Tabárez love
Embed from Getty Images

Three Amigos
Embed from Getty Images

Round of 16: Spain (1-3p) vs Russia (1-4p)

Embed from Getty Images

Someone missed the diaper memo
Embed from Getty Images

The Pique
Embed from Getty Images

“It didn’t really happen, I swear”
Embed from Getty Images

Embed from Getty Images

Round of 16: Croatia (1-3p) vs Denmark (1-2p)

No hands
Embed from Getty Images

Action shot
Embed from Getty Images

Dad pressure
Embed from Getty Images

That hair
Embed from Getty Images

Round of 16: Brazil (2) vs Mexico (0)

Embed from Getty Images

Deserved better
Embed from Getty Images

Embed from Getty Images

Round of 16: Belgium (3) vs Japan (2)

Where’s Kompany’s right arm?
Embed from Getty Images

Embed from Getty Images

Embed from Getty Images

Embed from Getty Images

Round of 16: Sweden (1) vs Switzerland (0)

Embed from Getty Images

Embed from Getty Images

Own goal nightmare
Embed from Getty Images

History maker
Embed from Getty Images

Round of 16: Colombia (1-3p) vs England (1-4p)

Red eye alert
Embed from Getty Images

Embed from Getty Images

“I wonder when I should launch my men’s clothing line?”
Embed from Getty Images

Embed from Getty Images

Embed from Getty Images

Embed from Getty Images

– hopechaser

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