World Cup 2018: Allez Les Bleus!

18 Jul
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This is what USD$38 million looks like. How does it look to you? It looks like SUCCESS to me.

Yes, the cocks earned their right to crow on Sunday with a disciplined victory over Croatia. It felt like it was France’s time to win even if it didn’t really feel like a worthy French-style win. Ya know what I mean? But you do what you need to in order to win and Deschamps did just that. Along with a little help from the referee too.

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Of course, a celebration of this size doesn’t come without some level of violence, and tragically France was no exception.

A bonus reward to the French team for winning was the temporary renaming of six Paris subway stations in their honour:

The RATP group also provided a few social media-only renamings; here’s Varane’s:

Croatia were fittingly given a hero’s welcome too. Just look at how they were celebrated before the match even started:

They may not have taken the top prize but they certainly look like winners to me:

Belgium celebrated their third place victory in fine style too.

And look at this – a hologram interview!

In other news, much has been made about Mbappe donating his national team earnings to charity. And good on him for doing so. England male footballers have been doing this since 2007 through the England Footballers Foundation. This is good all-around, as the donations provide a healthy tax benefit for the players and the FA.

In contrast, England female players are still struggling to make working wages with club and country contracts (if they’re that lucky to get the latter). If the men don’t need the money, maybe the FA should funnel some of that to those that do. And if you argue this would hurt the charities, well, it’s not like these male players don’t have multi-million dollar club wages which could more than adequately cover the difference. If they wanted to, that is. Ahem.

England got in on subway station renamings too. They temporarily renamed the London Southgate Station to Gareth Southgate Station. Too much too soon?

If you are having World Cup withdrawal, here’s a reminder that the next World Cup is in 18 days not 2019, but at least someone was trying to get the narrative straight. It’s the U-20 Women’s World Cup in France. I really hope the LOC is repping the snot out of it to capitalize on this win and get more bums in the seats.


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Golden Ball: Luka Modric CRO
Silver Ball: Eden Hazard BEL
Bronze Ball: Antoine Griezmann FRA

Remember when Messi won the Golden Ball in 2014 and not Kroos and everyone was like, huh? Thankfully such a moment didn’t happen here and the media involved voted correctly on the shortlist compiled by the FIFA technical committee. The last Real Madrid player to win a Ball of any colour was Zinedine Zidane back in 2006. All roads lead to Zizou eventually.

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Golden Glove: Thibault Courtois BEL

Anyone else wonder if Lloris was the selected winner until his giveaway to Mandžukić? The last time a non-finalist goalkeeper won the Golden Glove was in 1994 (called the Yashin Award then). Belgian keeper Michel Preud’homme was the lucky recipient, even though Belgium didn’t make it past the Round of 16! Jean-Marie Pfaff also won this award for Belgium back in 1986 when they finished fourth.

The last time the awarded goalkeeper wasn’t on the winning team was 2002. Germany’s Oliver Kahn took the the award along with the Golden Ball even though they lost to Brazil in the final.

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Golden Boot: Harry Kane ENG (6g)
Silver Boot: Antoine Griezmann FRA (4g 2a)
Bronze Boot: Romelu Lukaku BEL (4g 1a)

There was a five-way tie for the Silver and Bronze ball, with Cheryshev, Ronaldo, and Mbappé also scoring 4 goals. But these players didn’t have any assists, which were used as the tie-breaker criteria. 2002 was the last time the Golden Boot went to a player from a finalist team (Ronaldo). James won this in 2014 prior to his transfer to Real; there’s no chance any of this year’s winners are making a similar move.

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Best Young Player: Kylian Mbappé FRA

The obvious winner once he scored his first goal. He’s the third youngest player to win this after Pele (17) and Michael Owen (18).

World Cup 2018 By Numbers and Photos
Largest attendance: Russia vs Saudi Arabia, 78,011
Lowest attendance: Egypt vs Uruguay, 27,015
Average attendance: 47,028

Total goals: 169
Hat-tricks: 2
Braces: 10
Penalty kicks: 29
Penalty goals: 22
Own goals: 12

Goals: Harry Kane ENG (6)
Assists: Nacer Chadli BEL, Kevin De Bruyne BEL, Lucas Hernández FRA, Antoine Griezmann FRA, Philippe Coutinho BRA, Eden Hazard BEL, Thomas Meunier BEL, Éver Banega ARG, Lionel Messi ARG, Viktor Claesson SWE, Juan Quintero COL, Wahbi Khazri TUN, Aleksandr Golovin RUS, James Rodríguez COL, Carlos Sánchez URU, Youri Tielemans BEL (2)
Shots (excl blocked): Antoine Griezmann FRA (19)
Chances created: Kieran Trippier (24)
Passes: Sergio Ramos ESP (508)
Saves: Thibault Courtois BEL (27)
Distance Covered: Ivan Perisic CRO (72 km)

Yellow cards: 219
Red cards: 4
Most fouls on a single player: 10 (Switzerland vs Neymar)
Most MOTM Awards: Antoine Griezmann FRA, Eden Hazard BEL, Harry Kane ENG, Luka Modric CRO (3)

Final: France (4) vs Croatia (2)

Fan Fest outside the stadium
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Sucks to be tall sometimes
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Redemption is sweet
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Redemption is sweet x2
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History Maker
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“Maybe blowing on it will get it into the net”
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Ha Ha
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The hug heard around the world
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Serious couple hand-holding
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The Baby & THE Baby
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‘Til we meet again
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– hopechaser

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  1. Carol Merry July 18, 2018 at 10:53 am #

    Thank you – this is the best summary I’ve seen!

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      Thank you! 😊

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      I so agree! Thank you, Hopechaser, for the terrific World Cup roundups!

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