Friday Double Session

27 Jul

The team had completed their third double training session of the week today.


The morning session featured drills with the ball and without. (Video)

The afternoon session focused on crosses, shots on goal, crossing and ball circulation.  (Video)

Lucas Vázquez, Toni, Nacho and Marco Asensio have reported for duty and the returnees had a separate session that began in the gym and ended with drills on the pitch. (Video)

The Peez visited the training session for his photo opp so he could shake hands with everyone. It’s a bit disconcerting to look at pictures and think “Who is that?” I’ll learn all the new personnel eventually. (Video)



Lucas Vázquez: “I couldn’t wait to get back and start preparing for a fantastic season”
by Alberto Navarro |

“I was looking forward to seeing the guys, getting back with the group and gradually getting back into the swing of things”, he said.

Lucas Vázquez joined up with the group for Real Madrid’s pre-season training along with Kroos, Asensio and Nacho. The forward has shared his thoughts following the first session: “I couldn’t wait to get back. We’re looking forward to starting again, working hard and training to prepare for a great season”.

“It’s great to be back. Once the season starts up again and you see the guys training, you start to get this itch to come back. We were looking forward to seeing the guys again, being involved with the group and gradually getting back into the swing of things in preparation for the season ahead”.

It’s nice to see people starting to return. I’m going to have to pull together a vacation pictures post soon.

– Lozil

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