NC Courage take the Inaugural Women’s International Champions Cup

5 Aug

Congratulations to the current NSWL leaders North Carolina Courage for capturing the first ever Women’s International Champions Cup! They did so by besting five-time and current Champions League winners Olympique Lyon 1-0 in front of almost no one in Miami.

Be sure to check the comments on this one for a good time!

Not only did NC Courage beat the CL winners, they beat a squad consisting of six of the ten 2018 Best FIFA Women’s Player nominees. I say this falls into the category of ‘slaying the dragon’.

If you didn’t know this tournament was happening, you were in the vast majority. ICC’s approach to this tournament was appalling bad, which comes as no surprise given the eye-rolling interview Charlie Stillitano, “the brains behind the ICC”, gave to The Equalizer. So glad you could “sandwich” the women into your schedule, you asshat.

At least there was some major coverage the fact:

And a couple Lyon players made the jumbotron at the Bayern vs Manchester City men’s match:

PSG and Manchester City were the other two teams involved in the tournament, no neither slouches in terms of squad depth and pedigree. So if you add in Barcelona (who had their own mini pre-season tour), the NWSL squads, and the Tournament of Nations teams, I’d estimate over half of the top women footballers in the world were playing in the US over the same two week period.

Pretty cool, right?

All four WICC matches took place in Miami at the Hard Rock Stadium which is owned by, you guessed it, the ICC organizers! No wonder no one involved will provide attendance stats.

ICC did stream all four matches on Facebook and have the videos available for replay if you are so inclined. Do people still use FB?! Sooooo horrible.

Semi-final: NC Courage (2) vs PSG (1)

Semi-final: Lyon (3) vs Manchester City (0)

Third place: PSG (1) vs Manchester City (2)

Final: NC Courage (1) vs Lyon (0)

– hopechaser

One Response to “NC Courage take the Inaugural Women’s International Champions Cup”

  1. headbandsandheartbreak August 5, 2018 at 6:23 pm #

    What bullshit! I had absolutely no idea this was going on. I saw zero press for it. 😦

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