Tournament of Nations 2018: To the USA go the spoils

5 Aug
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Congratulations to the United States on winning the 2018 Tournament of Nations (ToN)! The US narrowly defeated reigning champions Australia on goal differential (5 to 4), thanks to Alex Morgan’s 77′ goal vs Brazil in their final match.

Alex Morgan was the top scorer overall, netting a hat trick vs Japan to go with her goal vs Brazil. That makes 17 goals in her last 18 games. Streak.

Australian phenom Sam Kerr, last year’s top scorer, came second with two goals. She makes it look so effortless –

Would love to see her in Europe sooner rather than later. Sorry Red Stars fans!

Someone asked me the difference between the ToN and the SheBelieves Cup (SBC). Other than having a significantly better brand name and occurring at different times of the year, there isn’t much difference.

Both were conceived as friendly showpieces for the USWNT. Both are invitationals based on the FIFA World Rankings top ten. SBC invites three teams from the top five, and the ToN invites three teams from the bottom five. As these rankings are rather static, you’ll continue to see the same teams over and over and over again for both tournaments.

But not Canada. Oh no. You won’t see us. Canada has never and will never be invited to participate in either tournament despite consistently being in the FIFA top five. No further comment at this time.

Brazil (1) vs Australia (3)
Attendance: 10,307 Location: Kansas City KS

100 metre dash
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This is not how a waltz goes
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Top fan
Embed from Getty Images

One way to keep your competitor from getting the ball
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USA (4) vs Japan (2)
Attendance: 18,467 Location: Kansas City KS

Hat trick bliss
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What she said
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Soooo close
Embed from Getty Images

Rockettes tryout
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Japan (1) vs Brazil (2)
Attendance: 13,027 Location: East Hartford CT

Embed from Getty Images

It’s not polite to point
Embed from Getty Images

United States (1) vs Australia (1)
Attendance: 21,570 Location: East Hartford CT

Fauxhawk fakeout
Embed from Getty Images

Someone needs a writing lesson
Embed from Getty Images

What she said too
Embed from Getty Images

Australia (2) vs Japan (0)
Attendance: 11,922 Location: Bridgeview IL

And it shall return
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Back off
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By any means necessary
Embed from Getty Images

United States (4) vs Brazil (1)
Attendance: 18,309 Location: Bridgeview IL

Just missed a double
Embed from Getty Images

The Rapinoe

Karate Kid
Embed from Getty Images

Cool trophy
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